The Hit List - Purple pain, purple pain

By the time you read this, I’ll be heading out the door for a girl’s weekend with my bestie, Simone. We have a mission: The Prince Immersive Experience. Are we giddy? You betcha!

Of course, because I like complications (sarcasm alert), I just had to bang my toe on the door jamb the other day. It’s swollen, hurts like hell, and is a lovely shade of deep purple. Sigh.

I could have avoided this if I slowed down. Or if I wore shoes in the house like my husband is always scolding me to do. But nope. I wanted my feet to be free!

Naturally, the injury is on the foot that I’ve been trying to heal all year. Insult to injury? Perhaps.

But will this stop me? Hell no!

Although I had visions of cute boots and a satin bomber jacket, it will be a utility jacket and sensible shoes as I hobble around the Windy City. So much for looking stylish in the Prince exhibit.

At least I can sing along:

My toe never meant to cause me any sorrow
It never meant to cause me any pain
I only wanted one time to see that Prince show
But now I’ll be
Limping along with my purple toe pain.



Monkey the Cat

My sweet little guy.

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What I’m Grateful For:


Good friends

Mocha yogurt

A new book to read

Kitty snuggles



Soundtrack for 10/1/22

Purple Rain by Prince


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