Talking with Haley Houseman at OcCulture Talks.

Last week I was in New York for the annual Readers Studio, a tarot shindig put on by The Tarot School’s founders, Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone. I was not only attending the event but also hanging out in the city – and doing some lectures and classes too! The picture above is from a chat at OcCulture Talks with Haley Houseman, a fabulous writer and tarot reader.  As you can see, we are having a lot of fun dishing about all things tarot. (Haley and I also got our auras photographed earlier in the day – you can see those pics in my previous Hit List.)

I taught a class for beginning tarot readers at Namaste Bookshop too but I don’t have any pictures to share. Oh well! I have plenty of pic from the Readers Studio though!  Here ya go:

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone

Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone opening up the event!

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: Jennifer Lucero Earle

Everybody partnered up for the Foundation Readings. My partner was the very lovely Karen, who gave me an excellent reading!

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017 : Karen and Theresa

This was followed by a class with Kooch and Victor Daniels. I didn’t get a picture. Drat! After class, I dodged out of the festivities to have dinner with one of my BFFs, Simone. We’ve been buddies for 30 years and counting!

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: Theresa and Simone

This was followed by an evening workshop with George Koury on “Secrets of A Great Tarot Reader.” It was fabulous!

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: George Koury

I was up bright an early for a Breakfast Roundtable with Liz Dean. The perfect start for my day!

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: Liz Dean


This was followed by master classes from Mitchell Osborn and Ferol Humphrey.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: Mitchell Osborn

Then it was time for the banquet!

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: Angelo Nasios

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: Table Nine

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: Michael Bridge-Dickson

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: V hooping.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: Jaymi Elford

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: songstresses

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: Wald Amberstone clowns around.

At some point, my sorry ass had to crash. There was a lot to do the next day! We started out with a lively Breakfast Roundtable discussion with George Koury.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: George Koury monkeys around.

From there, we reconnected with our Foundation Reading partners to share what we’ve learned. It was eye opening! Our readings got deeper and more meaningful, which goes to show the importance of these conferences!

After this, it was time for a Tarot Coloring Book event in the lounge! A large group gathered to color and discuss. Liz Dean enjoyed it so much she said we should do this every year!

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: The Tarot Coloring Book

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: coloring event

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: fun with The Tarot Coloring Book

After the closing ceremonies were over and goodbyes had, it was time to head into the city for one last jaunt with Andrew McGregor.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: right place right time.

The Hit List - Readers Studio 2017: Andrew McGregor and NY's finest

Andrew got ice cream proper at Big Gay Ice Cream with the boys in blue!

Once again, the Readers Studio killed it! Such a great time – and lots of interesting lessons + gorgeous people. Til next year…

PS The Amberstones announced we will be leaving the Queens location and headed elsewhere. Fingers crossed that we’ll be in the city in 2018!

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Join me at one of these amazing tarot classes:

June 19 2017 6-8PM: Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, Michigan. Join me for Celtic Cross Boss, a two-hour tutorial that will have you mastering the Celtic Cross like a BOSS. $25.

July 14 2017 6:30-8:30PM : New Renaissance Books in Portland. Details coming soon!

August 4 – 6th 2017: The Omega Tarot Conference: Masters of the Tarot – Five Approaches to Reading the Cards.  I’ll be co-teaching at this event with tarot legends Mary Greer, Rachel Pollack, Sasha Graham and Barbara Moore!


What I’m Grateful For:

Cool temps, sunny skies


Trinity Taylor (I love her!)

Discovering new chocolate shops in New York

Useful apps

Pork chops


Soundtrack for 5/6/17:

Pop It, Shake It – YG ft. DJ Mustard


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2017

images from personal collection and Jeanna Kadlec

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