The Hit List - Sick days

This past week, I got hit hard by a nasty bug. (Nope, it wasn’t Covid.) I canceled classes, meetings, and lunch dates and spent two days in bed. I needed the rest.

Back in the day, I would have sucked it up and worked. I learned this from my father, who went to work, rain or shine, no matter how terrible he felt. Sick days weren’t a thing in our household, not when there was work to do.

That stubborn work ethic is ingrained in me. I love to work, so it’s hard to tear me away. Even when I’m under the weather, you can usually find me at the desk. Like Dad, I have responsibilities that need attention.

There is a deeper issue behind this hard-working vibe: anxiety about money. I grew up poor. While Dad loved his work, he also knew sick days meant no money. With four kids and a sick wife, he couldn’t risk taking time off. There were no vacations, few sick days, and a lot of worry about security. He always reminded us that “we didn’t have money,” which created a tremendous amount of fear in me. In my adult years, I also had times where I was dirt-poor. I’m talking digging pennies out of sofas and counting every single one poor. If you’ve never experienced that, you have no idea how much desperation it creates.

For me, that meant going to work even when I was ill. This manifested as: finishing my shift as a bartender after I fractured my foot by dropping a barrel of beer on it, tending bar sick as a dog with cryptosporidium, working with a sinus infection that blew my face up on one side (even makeup couldn’t cover it), throwing up in between tarot appointments when I had food poisoning, and working a tarot party after a gall bladder attack that turned me yellow and left me crawling up the stairs on my hands and knees. I had no choice – I had to work because I needed the money.

Sick days were a luxury.

I realize how ridiculous that sounds now. Putting money over health is a terrible choice, yet so many people are forced to do just that. We’re the ones with the “great work ethic” who get the pat on the back when we show up, even as we’re hacking up a lung (and probably infecting everyone else).

I’m in a different place at this time in my life now. I’ve worked hard and am secure. There are emergency funds available. I can take a day off to care for myself. Everyone should be able to do this. The idea of being so poor that you still work, even when you’re barely functional, makes me sad. I’m sad my Dad endured that, I’m sad that I did, and I’m sad for everyone who feels they have to do it.




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Feeling better


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