The Hit List - A simple way to create peace during Mercury retrograde

Mercury stationed retrograde yesterday. You might have heard astrologers talking about it. That’s not unusual since it seems to be one of the most talked-about transits.

You’ve probably heard all the “rules” too: back up your computer, don’t sign contracts, avoid elective surgery, try not to travel, blah blah blah. Another popular piece of advice is to add “re” to everything: redo, rethink, reflect, etc.

I do follow all of that advice to some degree. But I’ve also found another way to create peace during this funky transit: get off the cell phone and avoid social media as much as possible.

I’m dead serious. After all, both are connected to communication and technology – which Mercury rules. Plus, phones and social media cause way more tension than any planetary transit. Doom scrolling, trolls, comparison, changes to the platforms, and hours wasted creating content – is this really how you want to spend your time and energy? I don’t.

So let’s change that.

Begin by turning off your phone as much as possible. Don’t rush to answer every message or email. Instead of bringing your phone with you, leave it behind. Go phone-free as much as you can (bonus: you’ll notice lots of beautiful things around you).

Delete social media apps, turn off DMs, and get rid of notifications. If you need to use social media for work, post, and run. Don’t linger around for likes or comments. Stop putting so much importance on any of that.

Become less accessible.

This will free you for quality interactions with the people you choose.

Am I saying to be a Luddite? You might see it that way. Instead, this is about intentionally choosing peace. There is nothing peaceful about the ding of the inbox or text message, nothing peaceful about online drama or unwanted DMs, nothing peaceful about listening to people gripe on Facebook, nothing peaceful about the phone ringing during dinner.

Mercury retrograde only comes around three times a year, but you carry your phone with you all the time. While an astrological transit may create the conditions for drama, you have the power to power off.

So go ahead – reclaim your peace.



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