The Hit List - As the snow blows

Outside the window, I can see fat flakes of snow coming down, covering the ground like a fluffy ermine coat. Cars slip around as plows move past them in an urgent effort to keep up with the accumulation. Winter is here in all its messy, beautiful glory.

So much of the world comes to a standstill when the weather gods decide to play slip ’n freeze. While my state is accustomed to this yearly snow dump, others are ill-prepared. But I am not focusing on those poor suckers. Instead, I’m basking in the snow glow, content to be inside.

My sister says I am the only person she knows who likes winter. She might be right.

This time of year is quiet, especially now that the holidays are moving into the rearview mirror. It’s my opportunity to hibernate (although, frankly, I’m perpetually in hibernation mode these days). I can write, read, and bake. It’s less likely I’ll have company or be invited to anything. My introvert heart is content. As the younger set says: it’s JOMO. The joy of missing out. (I’ve also seen FOBO tossed around…the fear of being invited. Maybe that’s more accurate in my case.)

Soon, the snow will cease, and my new shoveling guy will be carving a winding path around the house. Salt will be tossed, and the melting will commence. Nothing lasts, not the snow, not the salt, nor winter. Even so, I’ll hang on to this time of year as long as I can. 

The raging outside will end, but I hope my hibernation can continue well past the winter months. 


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I’m sharing best practices for writing, publishing, and marketing – just for metaphysical authors. Learn more and sign up: The Metaphysical Author’s Confidential. Essays and lessons on writing, publishing, and marketing your magical book.

Check out my new collaboration with Carrie Paris: My Living Astrology Chart, an experiential astrological kit!


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What I’m Grateful For:

Long conversations

Silly puns

Warm socks

Kind notes

A glass of wine waiting at the end of a long day


Soundtrack for 1/12/24

A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed by the audience

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