What if you don’t like your tarot client?

I get lots of questions about tarot. Typical questions are “What deck should I get?” or “How can I find the right reader?” But recently, someone asked me, “What do you do if you don’t like your tarot client?” That’s an interesting query, so I thought I’d answer that here.

The short answer: it depends.

Sometimes, the person at your table has an obnoxious personality. For example, maybe they’re loud, or their laugh rubs you the wrong way. You might be tempted to pull out a deck with nothing but Tower cards, but that’s not the right approach. As long as they’re harmless, you should ignore it and get to work. After all, when dealing with the public, you’re bound to come across folks who are weird or annoying. It’s par for the course and no big deal.

However, there are times when a client might cross a line. An off-color joke or rude comment doesn’t need to be tolerated. If this happens, you have two options: you can set a boundary immediately or refuse to read for them. Generally, I choose the former. A simple “I don’t like that joke/comment and if you continue speaking to me like that, I will end the reading” lets the querent know you won’t put up with that behavior.

You might also come across someone with different beliefs, which can feel uncomfortable, especially if they are vocal about it. I’ve read for many people who do not share my political or spiritual philosophies over the years. All of that goes by the wayside when they’re at the tarot table. I’m there to do a job – not argue about who is right. It’s only rare occasions when someone gets pushy (usually after an election). In those cases, it’s best to let the person know you disagree and move on to the reading. Suppose their beliefs are genuinely objectionable, and you cannot get past that. In that case, it’s better to refer them to someone else. (For the record, I’ve had to nix a few people for this very reason.)

Creeps should never be tolerated, period. Sexual innuendos or unwanted physical contact are a hard no. Fire them immediately. (This is one of the reasons why phone readings are better than in-person. It minimizes the risk of this sort of scenario.)

I’ve also found that when there is a personality mismatch, the client will feel it, too. They’ll usually go off to find a reader who is a better fit. That’s my favorite solution.

Ultimately, you need to determine what feels right for you. You deserve to feel comfortable and treated with respect. This will be different for every reader. Some don’t mind dirty jokes, while others might. Again: it depends.

While you cannot always control who comes through your door, you have a say over who you serve. The customer is not always right….for you.



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