The Hit List - Even tarot readers get the flu

Last week, I was flying high (and home) from a fantastic visit to Los Angeles as part of my Astrology For Real Life book tour. It was one of the best experiences in my career (22 Teachings is my new favorite place to teach). 

But only a few days after my imminent arrival home to two demanding cats, I came down with a bug. It’s not really the flu, but instead, some sort of thing that has my glands swollen, throat sore, and sniffles galore. Perhaps I picked it up from all the people I met. Maybe it was the airplane. Who knows where I got it but one thing is for sure: it took my high down to a thud.


I found myself wondering out loud if it was some sort of “upper limit problem,” a condition coined by Gay Hendricks in The Big Leap, a theory where you reach a new level and suddenly something happens that brings you down to a level you’re used to. In other words, it’s a form of self-sabotage designed to keep you small because up-leveling feels scary. 

I’m not sure if that’s the case because I like flying high and I have major ambitions for next year. Plus, I have deadlines now – and there’s no time for this crud.

So I’m doing the things I always do when my energy is low: copious amounts of Jade Cloud tea. Lots of sleep. Wonton soup (it’s the only thing I crave when I’m ill.) Powering through Ozark (thanks for the recommendation, Yvonne). Mega-hot showers. All the self-care.

This is essential because I plan on leaping the hell out of 2020. Ain’t got time for the flu, a cold, strep, or any of that. I’ve got work to do, Jon Snow – and no mountain or bug will slow me down. ONWARD.

Speaking of bugs, this little guy is just trying to make it too.

Other stuff:

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Also from Gabriela: this cool New Moon in Scorpio Ritual Guide – perfect for this weekend! Get it, get it!

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Great post from LunaLuna Mag: 5 types of sexists at a poetry reading: a taxonomy. (I’ve got some stories about sexist tarot dudes that I’ll have to share one day too..)

Loving this interview with Debbie Harry, one of my idols!

The Women of RAICES Are Giving Immigrants a Voice.

The Deuce broke my heart this week: David Simon and Emily Meade on What Lori Means to ‘The Deuce.’

There’s now an app that lets you pick stocks based on your astrological sign.

Let me read my damn tarot cards in peace.

The Repackaging Of Always Pads Has Apparently Upset Some Transphobic “Feminists.”

Some people ruin everything: THC, cyanide and razor blades: How sketchy urban myths taught parents to fear Halloween candy.

How to Date a Witch and Not Be a Garbage Human While Doing It.

WTF: Man broke girlfriend’s ankle after tarot cards revealed his cheating.

Good question: When Did Everybody Become a Witch?

Great post: Tarot cards: How to use them as a self-care tool.

An IKEA Tarot Deck Exists, So We See Easy Gifting in Your Future.

Shriners Hospital for Children receives 400 Barbies with prosthetic legs.

Inside the astrology craze: The search for self in the new New Age.

Also: You can now do tarot readings with Salvador Dalí.

Shaheen and I were interviewed over at Enchantments: How to Use the Tarot to Heal Trauma and Confront Your Shadow Self.

I love this series: Underground Photos From New York’s Seediest Years.

Edward Snowden says there is no proof of aliens. Dammit.

7 Ways To Prevent Wildfires, Especially If You Live In California.

From bus stops to private jets, the power players behind the 2020 campaigns for president give us an inside look at their nonstop lives on the trail.

If you’ve always wondered about 11:11 and other numbers, check this out: Angel Numbers: The Message and Meaning Behind 11:11 and Other Number Sequences.

I CANNOT wait for Lisa Basile’s upcoming book: The Magical Writing Grimoire: Use the Word as Your Wand for Magic, Manifestation & Ritual.

Interesting: Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World.

I love Pixie Lighthorse’s work: Goldmining the Shadows.

New stuff from Pema Chodron: Welcoming the Unwelcome: Wholehearted Living in a Brokenhearted World.

OMFG check out the cover for Gabriela Herstik’s upcoming book: Bewitching the Elements: A Guide to Empowering Yourself Through Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

Part tarot manual, part coloring book, and 100% fun: The Tarot Coloring Book. Psst…it makes a great holiday gift for the tarot fan in your life!

Tarot For Troubled Times is not for everyone. It’s a book that talks about shadow work, social activism, privilege, grief, and hard times. If those subjects make you squeamish, walk on by. But if you’re dealing with tough things and looking for support, this book is an ally in your healing journey.

What’s a quincunx? Where’s the Moon in my chart and what does it mean? Who’s Chiron and what does a centaur have to do with astrology? If you’ve confused about astrology, you need someone who speaks the language to show you the ropes. That’s me! My new book  Astrology for Real Life: A Workbook for Beginners (A No B.S. Guide for the Astro-Curious), will get you speaking the lingo and actually understanding it. Psst…I make it fun too!



November 16, 2019: Q&A and book signing at Ascended Gifts. Time: 5:30 PM. Books will be available for purchase. Where: 6728 W. Morgan Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53220. FREE! Call  1-414-321-0801 for details.

May 10-16, 2020: The Tuscany Tarot Intensive. Where: Italy! A full week of tarot immersion. The only live tarot class I plan on teaching next year. Spots are limited.

August 30, 2020: Brushes and Stars. Where: Oakland, California. A full-day of astrology and intuitive painting – and yummy food! Join me and Chris Zydel for a joyful, astrology-inspired intuitive painting experience.


What I’m Grateful For:

Wonton soup!

Food delivery

Biscoff cookies with tea

New witchy books in the mailbox


Soundtrack for 10/26/19:

Sicko Mode by Travis Scott (ft. Drake)



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