The Hit List - The no-good very bad tech fail day

Thursday began like any other day, with the usual routine of writing, showering, and running errands. However, it took an unexpected turn when a critical visit to the doctor was disrupted by a cyber attack, leaving the front desk unable to access the computer. The question of whether to reschedule or proceed with the appointment added a layer of unpredictability to the day. We opted to keep the appointment.

The doctor and assistant had to do everything old skool with paper and pen. Thankfully, we didn’t need more than that – and soon, we were on our way.

Once home, I settled in my office chair and began catching up on the latest news. Meta launched a new multiple-tiered paid service for businesses, which I didn’t love. Seems like no one else did. At least, that explains why my reach has been subpar the last few months. Oh well. Technology!

Around 2 PM, the mailman dropped off the latest stack of bills. Among them was a tax refund…which I wasn’t expecting. Was this a stroke of good fortune – or was it a glitch? I deposited it in my checking account and called my accountant, who said I shouldn’t have done that until we double-checked why I received that money. Sigh.

After a quick dinner, it was time to teach. But technology had other plans. Midway through the class, it decided to stop working. Despite my best efforts to revive it, the class had to be ended early and rescheduled for another evening. Epic tech fail! This cramped my style, but there was not much else I could do. The support team reached out the next day and said they would look into it. So now I wait. Double sigh.

As the saying goes, c’est la vie.

Part of me wanted to throw a temper tantrum and scream into the void. The other part began to worry about all sorts of stupid, unlikely scenarios. But the wise part reminded me that I cannot control the universe.

Tech fails happen, and cyber attacks do, too. Mistakes are made, and checks arrive that may or may not be yours to keep. In these situations, a few quick phone calls to the doctor’s office, the tax department, or tech support can often resolve the issues. Other times, you can do nothing except wait.

It’s interesting how easily we can be thrown off balance when things don’t go as planned. In our society, where instant gratification and technology rule, we’ve become accustomed to getting what we want immediately. But life doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes, we need to chill, reschedule, or even return unexpected money. Other times we have to surrender to the technology gods and hope for the best outcome.



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