The Hit List - The run down on being run down
As I write this blog post, I am bone tired. Exhausted. Completely utterly run down. It’s not because of the holidays. There were a few days in there to chill so that’s not it.

Instead, it’s been a few days of anxiety-induced insomnia over here. I’ve had about three days with little decent sleep – and that does not make me a happy camper. Instead, I’ve had to rely on caffeine and sugar, which I desperately to quit. 

This recent bout of insomnia was due to an external circumstance that I won’t go into here. Suffice it to say: a few weeks of micromanaging a particularly aggravating situation turned me into the kind of person I hate being. Anxious, angry, and frustrated. Which lead to stewing and brewing, the mode I go into when I’m pissy. And that means: no sleep.

Frankly, my sleep hasn’t been all that great since I went through my change of life. Menopause had few symptoms for me except where I used to be a champion in the sleep department, I now am a lightweight. Little things disturb me. Instead of sleeping through until morning, I wake up in the middle of the night right around 2:00 AM like clockwork. Most nights I will go back to sleep but there have been more than a few evenings where I’m tossing and turning for hours.

Sometimes I get up and work. Or organize my digital files. Shit like that will lull me back to sleep.

But when I’m in that brooding mode? Nothing works. 

It has to run its course and there is not much I can do but hope that the negative energy lifts and that sleep returns.

It’s funny but when I was a kid, I wanted to stay up all night long. I never wanted to go to bed. When I was a young adult, I would be dancing at the clubs in my patent leather hot pants until the wee hours followed by breakfast at the local diner with my musician buddies. I had all the energy in the world to do that and go to work bright ’n early. 

Those days are long gone. My body and brain aren’t made for that any longer (nor do I fit into those hot pants). At this stage in life, I’m happier when I hit the sack by ten o’clock and dream of sweet things. Who knows? Perhaps one day, I’ll be like dad who slept a good nine hours every night and took a two-hour nap in the afternoon. I used to wonder why he would “waste his day” like that. Now I know. Sleep is king. Dad was right.

And that’s when you realize that you’re getting old: when you prefer sleep over partying.

Got this Jason Momoa action figure for Christmas. It goes perfectly with my Jaime Lannister doll! Yay!

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What I’m Grateful For:

A good night’s sleep

Competent people

Nathan Briggs

David Bowie notebooks

Wonderful, peaceful holidays



Soundtrack for 12/29/18:

Fukk Sleep by A$AP Rocky ft FKA twigs


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