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When my husband decides a project needs to be done, it always seems to lead to another project or a renovation that never seems to end. For example, a few years ago he wanted to install some granite on the kitchen counters. My kitchen was torn apart for over a month. For a cook, this is like being stuck on a desert island with one kettle and a handful of nuts. In other words: hell on earth.

Or the time he renovated the upstairs bathroom. I won’t even go into how scary it was walking across open floorboards to use the toilet. Looking down made me dizzy but if I didn’t…I risked having my whole leg go through (I’m fatter now so my leg won’t have that problem if he does it again). 

This week, the plumber came to deal with a running toilet problem. If you own an older home, you know the local plumbers well. There are all sorts of things that can – and do – go wrong in this old house. Faucets break, pipes leak, and geriatric tubs get clogged. We see the plumber a lot.

We’ve had an ongoing issue with hot water pressure in the kitchen. Since he’s the main dish doer around here, my husband bitches about it constantly. So he decided to have the plumber return to fix that.

Needless to say, it’s become a major two-day ordeal with walls opened up, new pipes installed, and the kitchen in shambles (again). I’m hiding out in my writing nook so I can be in my own bubble of denial (I cannot deal with the mess). I know when it’s all said and done, the kitchen will be back in order and he’ll be happily scrubbing pots and pans while I busy myself baking coffee cakes and persuing my 200+ cookbook collection for new recipes. We’ll both be happy.

Until he decides it’s finally time to tear up that terrible, broken, disgusting linoleum floor….

red ornament

Red ornament.

Other stuff:

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What I’m Grateful For:

New plumbing

Sushi delivery

Ghirardelli White Chocolate Sugar Cookie

Sunshine streaming through the windows on a chilly day

Space in my calendar


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Mary Magdelene by FKA Twigs


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