The Hit List - Toe Jamming
I swore I was done writing about the hellacious Mercury retrograde that seemed to darken every corner of my life for the last few weeks. As I started to see the end in sight, I thought the worst was over…and I’d be coasting to a hard-won victory. 

Nope. The retrograde had other plans.

I was running errands with my husband last week when I noticed he was limping. “Goddamn arthritis…” he muttered. As a former landscaper, he had broken his toes many times – and now those old injuries reminded him of those hardscrabble days in the sweltering sun with massive stones that showed no mercy for even the sturdiest shoes. 

I’ve broken my own toes a few times too and fractured my foot when I dropped a full keg of beer during my short stint as a bartender so I knew all too well how to sing the “arthritis blues.” The weather had changed recently so I was feeling it too – but in my hands instead. “This getting old shit is for the birds,” I replied as we headed home.

The next morning, he was in full-blown agony. You see, those old landscaping injuries weren’t just about broken toes. Back in the day, his toenails also got damaged, which meant they grew in freakishly wrong, sideways and claw-like. Kinda like a zombie toenail! Anyhow, the toenail on his big one had become ingrown and infected – with the toe itself swollen to the size of a small potato. This was why he was walking so funny – and it was NOT good.

“You need to go to the doctor, pronto.” There were no two ways about it – that toenail had to go. A few phone calls later and we were scheduled for an early slot with a local podiatrist who specialized in “cowards.” (My husband isn’t a scaredy-cat for shit like this but I am squeamish just thinking about feet and toenail stuff.)

As we drove to the office, I found myself thinking about all those times I snickered at the “The Toe Bro” show as I scrolled past it on the television guide. Was this some sort of karma? Did the Toe Bro gods decide my husband’s foot fate? Or was this just due to the Mercury retrograde being in Pisces, which rules the feet? I was looking for a supernatural reason but common sense prevailed – the only “bad luck” we were dealing with was aging feet with old injuries.

Fifteen minutes later, the podiatrist had the nail removed and the toe padded with a bright blue bandage. Of course, I promptly drew a face on it and christened it “Toe-ny” because I’m immature like that – and didn’t want to think about how that mangled toe might look underneath that bandage (days later and my husband still hasn’t shown me the toe-tal truth). 

Mercury is direct now. His toe is healing. Bandages have been changed and life goes on. Because that’s the thing: the cosmos may have its way with us from time to time but we must trudge on, and trust that we’ll always land on our feet one way or another. 

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The Tarot Coloring Book is the easiest way to start understanding the cards. Color your way through the deck – and watch the meanings unfold!

You can preorder Tarot For Troubled Times – a timely book on tarot, ritual, affirmations, social justice – and courage.

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What I’m Grateful For:

Good doctors

Cute dresses

Mercury is direct

Allergy meds

A day off tomorrow!

A stack of lovely books

Dinner with a friend tonight


Soundtrack for 3/30/19:

Born to Die by Lana Del Rey



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