The Hit List - Some truths about professional intuitives and psychics

Recently, I attended an event with the medium John Edward. I’ve never been to one of these before, so I was excited – and curious. It was amazing to watch him work, but I was also blown away by the truth bombs he shared with the audience about the work he does. I found myself nodding my head because I knew exactly what he was talking about. We share a lot of the same philosophies.

The public has misconceptions about psychics, mediums, tarot readers, and the like. Popular media often depicts this work as spooky or corny. They also paint us as flaky hippies or other such stereotypes. Because of these mischaracterizations, we are often forced to educate folks about the reality.

Here are a few truths I’d like to share:

We don’t come up to strangers on the street to tell them about a “message” we have for them. Despite some popular television shows or movies making this seem like it’s a thing, it’s actually unethical and invasive. Dipping into people’s energy without permission is a no-no. (Psst…if you ever have the desire to share a message with me, please don’t.)

When we’re off the clock, we keep our energy fields zipped up. We’re not walking around “feeling everything.” The last thing any intuitive wants is non-stop psychic frequencies when we’re trying to grab cauliflower and a steak at the local market.

Intuition isn’t for the chosen few. You have it too. But you might brush it off, whereas professionals have learned to pay attention and build those psychic muscles (yes, you can train your sixth sense, too, if you practice regularly).

We’re not mind readers. Although my husband would say that it’s a lie because he thinks I can read his brain, I assure you, I’m not. We have enough on our own minds without prying into other people’s mental hijinks. (For the record, I do have one friend who I am able to do mental telepathy with quite easily. It’s freaky! Hey Courtney!)

We don’t do the same thing. Some of us talk to the dead, others are medical intuitives, while some are clairvoyants, palmists, or healers. Please don’t make cookie-cutter assumptions. (Fun fact: I cannot tell you how many times people have thrust their palms in my face when they hear I’m a tarot reader!)

Information comes fast ’n furious – and often doesn’t make a lick of sense to us while we’re doing the work. It’s like a detective putting clues together to solve a mystery. We don’t get a “storyboard” picture of your life. (Ps the future is not set in stone. Hence, we might get a glimpse into a part of your life but not the whole shebang.)

While popular media loves to portray us as extroverts who crave the spotlight, the truth is most of us are highly introverted. I’m friendly, but I’m also painfully socially awkward. The reason why: I need to assess someone’s intentions. Do they want to be my friend? Or are they looking to score free psychic information? (If you ever meet me and I seem kinda weird, do not take it personally. I just need time to feel out if you’re genuine.) The second part of this is we need lots of downtimes because this work is draining. When I used to read for the public, at the end of the day, I told my husband, “I just need to shut up for a few hours.”

We see other psychics from time to time. If we’re too close to a situation, our emotions can muck up our radar. We’re human! Having other eyes on our world helps to validate what we’re feeling – or keeps us on track if we’re following the wrong breadcrumbs. (For the record, I work with astrologers because they are more likely to give me a helpful reading. Fellow tarot readers tend to freak out and act as if I might grade them! My go-to astrologers are Sam Reynolds, Mecca Woods, and Anne Ortelee.)

This work looks like great fun, but it’s work. Also, the public can have unrealistic expectations and can be cruel at times. We love what we do, but we can burn out, too. Just like you.



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