very superstitious

A knife on the floor indicates company is coming.

An itchy palm is money on the way.

The Last Supper falls, tragedy is coming (more on that).

Do you have superstitions?

I’ll admit that I do.

I grew up in a superstitious household so it’s in my blood.

I’ve got good luck talismans tucked all over the house.  I won’t eat food cooked by someone I don’t like.  I’ve even feng shui-ed the house and tried to appease all the gods “just in case.”

Are superstitions for real and something to obey or just a whole lotta malarkey?

I’m inclined to say it’s the latter yet…I’m still cautious when one of my “omens” shows up in my world.

For example, I vaguely remember one of my grandmothers making a big deal about religious pictures falling so it when my Last Supper came crashing down to the floor one evening, I freaked the hell out.

I looked at my husband and said “Grandma warned that if the Last Supper falls, something bad is on the way.”  We were spooked.

What could it mean?  Well, that’s the problem with superstitions…they may foretell something but that something is not always clear.

We speculated on what it could be (car accident? sickness?) and then went to bed and forgot about it.  Until the next morning when my husband roused me out of a deep slumber to tell me that something terrible did happen.  That day?  9/11.

Jaws dropped and we never looked at the Last Supper the same after that.  (For good measure, we put extra heavy duty wire on it before we hung it back up.)

But was this a coincidence?  Probably.  (Didn’t matter because it was certainly a crazy story to tell and one that I will share with future generations!)

As superstitious as I can be and as dramatic as this story may be, I’m a sensible gal.  I’m not going to be calling the White House every time a picture falls in my house (that may end up putting me on some kook list).

Nope.  Instead, I will look at the signs and most of the time, nothing will happen.

Because that is the thing: no matter how much we obey the signs or ignore them, life goes on and no superstition, even one that is rigorously adhered to, will be accurate or preventative.  Sometimes shit just happens.

I’ll still knock on wood and throw salt over my shoulder anyways.

prayer flags

That’s me standing in front of my Prayer Flags.  Prayer Flags are supposed to bring good wishes and prayers as they blow in the wind.


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What I’m Grateful For:

Smart decisions

Lessons learned


My teachers

Jangly bracelets

Productive insomnia


Soundtrack for 3/14/15: “Bad Luck” by Social Distortion

Hope your week is filled with luck and joy!


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