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I was rarely interested in the things other kids liked to do. Kick the can? NOPE. Instead, you’d find me sitting in the big old Morris chair with my nose buried in a book or two. (I’m still the same way.) I was also fond of kicking back with one of the gossip rags my mother liked to buy. Most of the celebrities weren’t interesting to me and there were things I didn’t understand.

But I was intrigued with one thing: the witchcraft ad in the back. This was a full-page notice with a few creepy pictures and lots of text promising all sorts of amazing feats. A money magnet! Bring back your ex! Become popular! Gain power over other people! Oh, the fantasies my little mind was conjuring up!

I remember another book landing in my lap around that time: Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley and Me, Elizabeth by E.L. Konigsburg. This was a story about two friends – and one who pretended she was a witch. I was so obsessed with this book, I probably pissed off the librarian who always seemed to have a light scowl when I’d check it out…again.

Needless to say, these two things sparked my interest in witchy business.

Given that my mother and grandmother were psychic and believed in ghosts and banshees, it’s no surprise I leaned toward the mystical. That kind of thing was…just a thing. No one seemed to care what the heck I was into, which meant I could spend plenty of time fantasizing about that ad and all the powers I would gain! (Cue wicked laughing.)

I never did buy that witchcraft book so I have no idea if the money magnet or any of those promises would bear fruit. But it did seal the deal for my future…so perhaps a spell was cast? Or maybe…it’s just good advertising.

Just got my author’s copies of Tarot for Kids! YAY!

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