The Mercury Retrogradecast



The Mercury Retrogradecast

Mercury Retrograde is coming. Are you ready? 

Get a personalized forecast to help you glide through the next Retrograde without any hiccups, tech snafus, or unnecessary drama! First class travel, all the way.

Mercury Retrograde happens three (sometime four) times a year.

Up next, we’ve got:

December 19 2016 – January 8, 2017 

4/9/2017 Mercury goes retrograde – turns direct on 5/3/2017

8/12/2017 Mercury goes retrograde – turns direct on 9/5/2017

12/3/2017 Mercury goes retrograde – turns direct on 12/22/2017

Many people grumble about Mercury Retrograde because it’s notorious for being a frustrating time of the year.

It’s a time when computers mysteriously crash, files get lost (“Oh no, my PhD thesis!”), deals fall apart, planes get delayed, fights break out, miscommunication is rampant, and everything seems to go haywire.

My opinion? Mercury Retrograde gets an unfairly bad rap. Sure, it can be a tricky time, but it’s not all doom and gloom!

With the right preparation, you can avoid most (if not all) of the drama and enjoy a chilled out Retrograde—using this time to rethink, redo, renovate, replenish, reflect, relax, (keyword: “re”) and emerge feeling stronger, not shaken and rattled.

Get prepared… with a Mercury Retrogradecast.

This is a Tarot and astrology-inspired forecast to help you glide through the next Mercury Retrograde like you’re flying First Class. Easy and drama free. Champagne bubbles. No turbulence.

Your Mercury Retrogradecast is $150. You email me a few basic details about yourself and 7 days later you get a forecast delivered to your inbox.

Your forecast includes an overview of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde—things that could go haywire, things to focus on, things to definitely avoid, tips to prevent awkward slip ups and communication blunders—lots of advice to help you sail through this potentially turbulent time.

This is not a “general” forecast. It’s tailored to your birth chart and your questions.

Highly specific to you. 

If you love the Boy Scout motto—”Be prepared!”—you’re going to love this forecast.

Let’s do this!

How to get your Mercury Retrogradecast:

– Make your payment using the drop-down menu and button below.

– Then, send an email to

– Include your full name, birthdate, time and place of birth in your email. If you’re comfortable including a photo of yourself, too, that’s very helpful.  Also be sure to let me know which retrograde cycle you want me to look at (choose one).

– Also, include 1 big question that’s at the top of your mind right now. Are you thinking about applying for a job during the next Mercury Retrograde cycle, or launching a product, taking a trip, or setting up an important meeting? Are you wondering about the ideal timing and approach? Wondering if it might be better to wait until Retrograde is over? Send over your “burning question” and I’ll see what the stars ‘n cards have to say.

– You’ll receive your Mercury Retrogradecast within 7 days. Rest assured: I’m freakishly punctual.

– If you don’t receive a reply within 7 days, please check the Spam / Trash / Promotions folders in your inbox, just in case my email got filtered there by mistake.

– Still don’t see anything? Please email me and I’ll get you sorted out. Thank you!

– It goes without saying: since Mercury Retrograde happens at specific points in the year, try to plan ahead! Purchase your forecast well ahead of time so that you’ve got the info you need before Mercury Retrograde begins. The upcoming dates are:

April 28 – May 22, 2016
August 30 – September 22, 2016
December 19 2016 – January 8, 2017

How to pay:

Due to my crazy-busy schedule, the Mercury Retrogradecasts are by special request only – and only available if my schedule permits.  If you’re interested, reach out to me at and I’ll let you know if I have the time to rock this out for you!

Mercury Retrograde does not have to be maddening and stressful. It can actually be a super zen, happy time. It’s all about your planning and attitude.

Think proactively and let’s get you squared away for the next Retrograde—or if you’re a serious future-planner and want to prep way in advance, the one after that!

I can’t wait to share what the cards + stars have to say!


PS. Want a detailed forecast covering the next 12 months of your life, not just the Mercury Retrograde period? Check out The Tarotcast (or for business owners, The Entrepreneurcast)—two awesome readings that you can do any time in your life. Thanks for your interest!

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