The Rolling Stones + Tarot Playlist

It’s no secret that I love music + tarot. I’m also a big Rolling Stones fan. Back in my day, you were either Stones or Beatles. Of course, I preferred the Stones because they were bad boys. Heh heh..

On one of my recent wicked insomnia nights, I found myself obsessing over how many songs they wrote and began putting them together with tarot cards. Certain songs were literally perfect (Sympathy for the Devil, duh), but some just had the vibe or maybe one line that conveyed the card’s energy. Some were just tongue in cheek. So I decided what the heck – might as well compile that into a nice little playlist. For your listening pleasure: The Rolling Stones + Tarot Playlist! You’re welcome.

The Fool – Just Your Fool
The Magician – Midnight Rambler
The High Priestess – Sister Morphine
The Empress – Mother’s Little Helper
The Emperor – When the Whip Comes Down
The Hierophant – Saint of Me
The Lovers – Let’s Spend The Night Together
The Chariot – Wild Horses
Strength – You Can Make It If You Try
The Hermit – The Lantern
Wheel of Fortune – Hand of Fate
Justice – Rough Justice
Hanged Man – I Am Waiting
Death – Paint it Black
Temperance – Time is on My Side
The Devil –Sympathy for the Devil
The Tower – Gimme Shelter
The Star – Star Star
The Moon – Undercover Of The Night
The Sun – Happy
Judgement – The Last Time
The World – It’s Only Rock and Roll

Ace of Cups – Loving Cup
Two of Cups – I Just Want To Make Love To You
Three of Cups – Dancing in the Streets
Four of Cups – (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
Five of Cups – As Tears Go By
Six of Cups – Miss You
Seven of Cups – Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
Eight of Cups – Ruby Tuesday
Nine of Cups – You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Ten of Cups – Live With Me
Page of Cups – Anybody Seen My Baby?
Knight of Cups – I Wanna Be Your Man
Queen of Cups – Lady Jane
King of Cups – I’m A King Bee

Ace of Wands – Start Me Up
Two of Wands – In Another Land
Three of Wands – I’m Free
Four of Wands – Goin’ Home
Five of Wands – Fight
Six of Wands – Ride On Baby
Seven of Wands – Street Fighting Man
Eight of Wands – You Gotta Move
Nine of Wands – Before They Make Me Run
Ten of Wands – Beast of Burden
Page of Wands – Schoolboy Blues
Knight of Wands – Play With Fire
Queen of Wands – Honky Tonk Women
King of Wands – Monkey Man

Ace of Swords – Get Off Of My Cloud
Two of Swords – Blinded by Love
Three of Swords – Heartbreaker
Four of Swords – Sleep Tonight
Five of Swords – Shattered
Six of Swords – You Better Move On
Seven of Swords – Thief In The Night
Eight of Swords – Tie You Up (the Pain of Love)
Nine of Swords – 19th Nervous Breakdown
Ten of Swords – It’s All Over Now
Page of Swords – Prodigal Son
Knight of Swords – Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Queen of Swords – She’s So Cold
King of Swords – Fool To Cry

Ace of Pentacles – You Got The Silver
Two of Pentacles – Tumbling Dice
Three of Pentacles – Congratulations
Four of Pentacles – Under My Thumb
Five of Pentacles – Angie
Six of Pentacles – Ain’t To Proud To Beg
Seven of Pentacles – Waiting on a Friend
Eight of Pentacles – Little by Little
Nine of Pentacles – Luxury
Ten of Pentacles – Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
Page of Pentacles – Cherry Oh Baby
Knight of Pentacles – Salt of the Earth
Queen of Pentacles – Brown Sugar
King of Pentacles – 2000 Man

The Rolling Stones + Tarot Playlist

There ya go!
Happy listening, friends.

images from stock photography

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