Through the Tarot Lens

by Theresa Reed on November 6, 2017

Through the Tarot Lens

a day-long exploration of photography and tarot

with Danielle Cohen and Theresa Reed

A burst of sunlight on a cloudy day.

The rustle of a hawks feathers as it takes flight.

Laughter of children as they run through the sprinklers.

Life is an oracle.

Every day, the Universe sends us signs…signs that we often fail to notice.

The symbols may seem random – but they’re not.

Photographers have access to life’s oracular nature because they see everything through the lens of a camera. Tarot readers have access because they know how to distill messages from imagery.

Now imagine this:

A full day to explore photography and tarot – as oracular tools.

Two world-class instructors, gently guiding you to play with your camera and the cards while discovering deep meaning in both.

Photowalks where we search for signs and symbols – and take pictures.

Interpreting your photographs as a group.

Sounds cool?

It is.

And you’re going to want to get in on this unique class.


Join photographer Danielle Cohen,
and Theresa Reed, The Tarot Lady,
for Through The Tarot Lens,
an immersive photography and tarot intensive
A full day of creative photography, intuitive hits, and tarot in
everyday settings.


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