The Hit List - The Beautiful Ones

We were headed down to Racine, to pick up a friend from a conference on a quiet but cold Sunday afternoon. The wind was brisk and the skies a gorgeous shade of powder blue spotted with soft ribbons of clouds.

As usual, we were deeply engaged in our typical animated jabber about life, food, and politics.  So much so that we might have missed it if it weren’t right there in front of our faces.

The lakefront.

With the wind stirring up frothy turquoise waves against a completely empty beach, save for one forlorn, lonely little bench, it was stunning to behold.

We stopped in our tracks and got out to take pictures and soak in that moment.

My face turned up at the sun, feeling just a hint of the warmth that would soon be sticking around in a few weeks. Taking in a deep breath, the cold air felt refreshing. I felt very much alive for that split second.

Sometimes life is like that. We come across something, someone, a wrinkle in time, that  causes us to just stand there, fully present.

Those moments, the beautiful ones, may feel rare but truthfully, they are around us all the time.

Like a cool day by the water.

The steam of a hot mug of tea filling up your nostrils.

Laughter with a loved one over an inside joke that only you two shared.

That twinkle in a stranger’s eyes when you say hello.

A hot tear sliding down your face.

The soft fur of a cat snuggled by your side.

Beautiful Lake Michigan

Or a random tattooed hunky guy. Ahem.

Unexpected moments of beauty are there all the time. For today, stop and appreciate those little junctures where everything is perfect, or imperfect, but beautiful nonetheless.

Appreciate the beautiful ones when you can.

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What I’m Grateful For:

Being completely caught up

Fresh laundry

Hot soup on  cold day

New eyeglasses

Date nights

Snail mail

New books – all the books


Soundtrack for 3/4/17:

Guys My Age by Hey Violet


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images from stock photography and personal collection

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