The Hit List - The Empath’s Guide to Coping with the Current Political Climate

I’ve written before that I don’t want to live in a bubble, even when times are tough.  But if, like me, you identify as being highly sensitive or an empath, this political climate hasn’t been easy to live in.

It’s been overwhelming.

People are anxious, depressed, angry. Every day, the news brings nothing but more negative stuff.

For sensitive folks, it’s an energetic overload.

I’ve spoken to many other empathic peeps and they ask the same thing: how on earth can you cope when you the collective pain is so great that it seeps into your pores?  How can you remain centered when nothing feels secure?

It begins with intense, mandatory self-care:

Set your social media filters to high. Mute, unfriend, block, as needed. In Facebook, you can create lists which allow you to share things with people you trust – and keep others out of your stream…and out of your business.

Keep a polite distance from people who are spoiling for an online fight. You don’t need to engage with that.

Likewise, you may also want to disengage from Negative Nellys if their constant political posts are bringing you down.

Don’t read the comments. PERIOD. I never do.

Also: feel free to delete threads that get shitty. You don’t need that on your wall, people.

Some relationships may need strict boundaries.  Got a racist uncle that wants to go on a rampage every holiday? Boycott the holidays. You don’t need to be around that.

Sign up for Randi Buckley’s Healthy Boundaries for Kind People – it saved my sanity. (Psst she also has Healthy Boundaries for Business!)

When going out in public, wrap yourself in energetic bubble wrap.  Here’s how: visualize surrounding yourself with white light. Ask for your guides and angels to protect you.

If you feel too stressed out by the news, give it a break. Read comics instead.

Spend time in solitude or nature. It will do you good.

Hang out with positive, like-minded people. Or animals. Animals are always good balm for the soul.

Lean on your spiritual practices. Pray, meditate, chant, rest.

Take regular digital sabbaticals. Unplug.

Exercise. You’ll feel better almost immediately. Endorphins, yo.

Vacation if you can. Go as far as possible. See new things and meet interesting people.

READ YOUR FACE OFF. Instead of news, seek out novels, biographies of people you admire, self-help books, whatever makes you happy.

Massages, healthy meals, copious mugs of green tea, making love, a good night’s sleep. All the self care.

Make your mental, spiritual, physical health a priority.  You need to be strong now.

Look, you don’t have to go under a rock nor do you want to but you do need to manage your energy well now.  Because the world needs sensitive people but sensitive people need to feel safe in the world. Right now, many of us don’t. Which means: take care. Good care.

When all else fails, retail therapy. My new fake leather leggings!

Other stuff:

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MAC just made a new “pizza cutter” eyeliner. I know what I’m getting soon. Heh heh…

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Practicing good cyber security isn’t just for personal stuff.  We’re all connected.

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Good info for empaths: Empath: A Guide To Understanding, Defending & Nurturing Your Precious Gift (Intuitive, Psychic, Empathy) by Luna Sidana.

This is the book I’m waiting for: The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People by Dr. Judith Orloff.

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What I’m Grateful For:

What I’m Grateful For:



Respectful friends

Writing time

Peppermint gum


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