The Hit List - The bubble

Do not go into the bubble, my friends
Though tempting it may be
You mustn’t close your eyes
You must remain alert and see
I know you want to be
Surrounded by love and light and equal rights
But that can’t happen
Without a fight
You cannot hide in your bubble
When sisters and brothers and lovers and others
Will suffer.

So do not hide away
Hoping it will blow away
Denial or refusal to look
Will not solve one thing
Not one thing
We must face the ugly
Because the ugly is here
Look in the mirror
Is it there in you?
If it is, what will you do?
The good work doesn’t happen in the bubble
The good work happens when we confront the trouble.
Inside and out.

Prick the bubble.
It’s scary out there
But it’s scarier still
If all good people retreat to the bubble.

For those of us who identify as introverts, the bubble is mighty tempting.

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Are you in Albuquerque or nearby? Join me on February 18 2017 for: Coloring Tarot – A Colorful Dive into Tarot Cards at The Source for Creating Sacredness in Albuquerque, NM.  Cost $60. Includes a copy of The Tarot Coloring Book. This class is geared towards beginners and intermediates. It’s going to be a blast!

Also if you’re in my neck ‘o the woods: March 10th 2017 5-7PM: The Nutman in Hubertus, Wisconsin is hosting me for a free mini-tarot lesson + book signing! Books will be available for purchase. The Nutman is the coolest shop in the Midwest!


What I’m Grateful For:

The people who fight to make a difference

Warm socks

Gloomy skies and rainy days

Time to write and journal

Baking cookies


Soundtrack for 1/21/17:

Troubled Times by Green Day


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2017

images from stock photography and personal collection

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