The Hit List – What kind of person

by Theresa Reed on April 22, 2017

The Hit List - What kind of person

What kind of person would I like to be?

I often ask myself this question. I think it’s a good question to ponder. When I ask this, I find that many adjectives come to mind. Compassionate. Kind. Loving. Honest.

I want to be a good person.

Being a good person is not an easy task. It requires a constant examination of your motives and behavior. What’s driving you to do what you do? Some people always have an agenda, often hidden, which may or may not be  virtuous. Others never bother to examine their conscience and instead go through life without one thought on the possible consequences for themselves or others. They just do whatever and let the chips fall where they may (and, in many cases, don’t seem to take responsibility for their choices).

Imagine if we all took stock of our thoughts, motives, and possible consequences before we acted.

I’d like to think that people do just this.

Then I look at my cat, who lies in the sunspot, blissfully unaware of anything at all, soon to wake and jump up on the counter in a sneaky effort to lick the butter dish, hoping upon hoping that no one will shoo him away, even though perhaps somewhere inside his furry little skull he knows we might. He doesn’t think much about anything except being a cat – and giving and receiving love.

For him, that’s good enough.

Perhaps for most of us, in our own way, we’re like that. Instead of worrying about being a good person, we try our best to be a good enough person.

I’m still not sure if that’s where I want to settle. But maybe, instead of constant worry about the direction my moral compass is pointing, instead I can just focus on being the kind of human that my cat loves. That’s good enough for him…and me.

cat sunning himself

Look at this lazy bastard…not a care in the world!

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Are you in New York? Join me next week for these two terrific tarot events:

Tuesday April 25 7-8PM: OcCulture Talks: join me and Haley Houseman for an interactive discussion about working as a reader, the art of tarot, and tarot’s powerhouse renaissance in the past few years. Tickets are $10 advance, $15 at the door. RSVP here.

Thursday April 27 6:30-8:30PM: Namaste Bookshop in New York City. Join me for a beginner’s workshop and book signing. $25. Register here.


What I’m Grateful For:

New iPhone

Upcoming travels

Giant tea mugs

Clean sheets

Soft baggy t-shirts

Knowing where my kids are at


Soundtrack for 4/22/17:

Common People by Pulp


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2017

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