22 Tarot-inspired DATE NIGHT ideas for you and your boo

Dinner and a movie? Netflix and chill? Thai take-out from the usual place… again?!

During these cold, winter months, it can be so tempting to melt into a pile of snuggly-couple-goo and never leave the confines of your home. Nights start to blur together. Netflix lulls you into a stupor. It’s comforting, at first, but after a while… things start to feel tedious. The sizzle starts to fizzle. If you’re in a long term relationship or marriage, you know what I’m talking about.

Here’s a big list of tarot-influenced ideas to inspire you to skip Netflix, Hulu or HBO tonight and try something new with your boo.

Most of these ideas don’t require a ton of advance planning—so be spontaneous! Text your partner right now and tell him (or her), “Date night: tonight! I’m handling the details. You just bring yo’ fine self and show up…” They will tingle with anticipation all day long, wondering what on earth you’re cookin’ up!

The Fool – There is nothing like the fresh air to get your blood (and libido) pumping.  Lace up your hiking boots and take off for a scenic trail to explore.  Sling a backpack with some gourmet treats and a flask of whiskey (or other preferred libation) over your shoulder and you’re good to go.

The Magician – Learn a new skill together.  Sign up for a class that you think you’d both enjoy: French lessons, cooking classes, painting, mixology, or that cool improv workshop he’s been hinting at. School’s in session…and so is romance!

The High Priestess – Visit a psychic or astrologer.  Find out what the stars or cards have to say about romance!  (Trust me, this is fun – lots of couples like to come together for a relationship reading.)

The Empress – A day of full-on pampering for two?  Yes, please.  Not enough time for a day long event?  How about a couple’s massage?  Take my word for it: you can never go wrong with that.

The Emperor – Make happy hour a thing. Meet your bae for drinks at a swank new bar after work.  If she’s been killing it at the office, she’ll appreciate a chance to wind down before coming home.

The Hierophant – Get your culture on with a day at the local art museum.  Walking hand-in-hand while checking out all the cool exhibits from Van Gogh to Warhol = swoon!

The Lovers – Ah the Lovers…this is the card of all-in romance.  A dinner at a restaurant with a remarkable view, lush flowers, a sentimental gift, handwritten poetry on frilly stationery….get your very best old-fashioned courting on, playa.

The Chariot – A night at a local drive-in theater equals a perfect place to neck like you did when you were teens.  No drive-in nearby? Make one at home: style up your couch to feel like a carseat, pop some popcorn, make chocolate milkshakes and put in a retro horror flick!

Strength – Working up a sweat with your shawty is a fun way to connect and turn up the heat.  Pumping weights, stretching your hams at yoga, or pummeling a boxing bag is better than zoning out on the couch. Hate gyms? Hit the dance floor at the local disco and twerk your tushies off.  It still counts as exercise!

The Hermit – A day of total quiet is sometimes the greatest gift you can give your partner, especially if you have children.  Send the kiddos to grandma’s for the night, order in so there are no dishes to speak of, light some candles, turn off the tube, and enjoy the silence together.

The Wheel of Fortune – Feeling lucky?  How about hitting the local dive bar and challenging your boo to a game of pool?  Winner gets their choice as to what the rest of the evening entails. Ahem.

Justice – Get involved in a good cause together.  A charity run or volunteering at a fundraising event is a sweet way to bond over something you both care about. Doing the right thing never felt so hot.

The Hanged Man – The Hanged Man symbolizes the “worthy sacrifice” – why not pick something your partner loves but is so out of your comfort zone?  For example, if she loves country line dancing but you’re more of the Marilyn Manson type, put your pride to the side and give her what she wants.

Death – Sometimes a simple change of scenery can be a blast!  Play tourist for the day in a nearby town or city.  Scout out local landmarks or points of interest.  Sight-see to your heart’s content.  Be sure to keep the Bermuda shorts at home…unless you’re in Bermuda, of course.

Temperance – Find an activity that combines two things. My favorite: a wine and painting workshop!  These are springing up all over the place so you might be surprised to find one in your hood.

The Devil – Get your fifty shades of naughty on with a visit to the local adult entertainment center.  SIZZLE fo’ shizzle!

The Tower – Get scared together by indulging in a little dangerous fun:  bungee jumping, roller coasters, a hot air balloon or a haunted house might get you both screaming your lungs out  – and holding each other tightly.

The Star – It’s time to make your sweetheart a star, baby.  Well, at least for tonight. No better way to do that than getting on stage together at a karaoke club!  A duet?  DO IT. You’re the one that I want…want want…oooh ooh ooh yeah….

The Moon –  Is it gorgeous outside tonight? There is nothing more romantic than stargazing at the local park!  Head out with a blanket, a nice bottle of your favorite vino, and a telescope.  Find the constellations with a handy app on your phone (I like: Sky Guide).

The Sun – If the weather permits, you’ve got lots to choose from!  Hit the beach, attend a great outdoor festival, fly a kite in the park, rent bikes and tour the city, or appeal to your lover’s inner child by heading to a carnival for some clownin’ around in the fun house.  (PS sharing some cotton candy is sooooo sweet!)

Judgement – A good old fashioned game of strip poker – or truth + dare could be “revealing” on many levels (I vote for a combo here).  Pick your game, get the cocktails and have fun! Go buck wild (and naked)!

The World – Tickets to somewhere exotic?  Yes, please. Spend the night planning a trip.  And then book it, Dano.

Routines and rituals are great. Don’t get me wrong. My husband and I have coffee at the same spot pretty much every single morning—we love consistency!

But every relationship needs a little intrigue, curiosity, and excitement, too—especially when you’re been rolling along together for multiple decades, like we have.

Don’t wait for your partner to make plans. Take the initiative! Mix things up with one of the date night ideas that I just mentioned—or make up a plan on your own. (Yes, you can use your tarot cards as inspiration – they’re wonderful for sparking creative ideas!)

Remember, too, that date night doesn’t have to be flashy, expensive or complicated.

The simple act of carving out a few hours of quality time for you and your boo to connect, talk, and share an experience together… that’s what counts.

Wishing both of you a very delicious & memorable evening!



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2016

Need more ideas for great date nights?  My friends Lisa Novak and Barbara Moore wrote this killa book for you (they are the most romantic couple I know): Great Dates: How to Plan Fabulous Outings for Romantic Partners, Friends & Family

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