Astrocise: Your Natal Chart Soundtrack

I always say that I’m a musical person with zero talent. There is always music playing in the background of my life. In fact, I have a soundtrack for every situation – even for the books I create. A while back, I had a genius idea for an Astrocise (astrology exercise): why not create a natal chart soundtrack? Think about it: if you pick a song for every aspect of your astrology chart, you have your own personal astrological playlist! It’s the soundtrack of YOU! Plus, hunting for the right songs is great fun – and another way to cement your astro-knowledge! WIN/WIN!

It’s super simple to do. Pick a song for any part of your astrological chart. That could be for a planet such as the Moon or Saturn. You could also find a tune for the house it rests in (ex: Venus in the 10th house). Wanna go deeper? Think about songs that might represent aspects in your chart (ex: T-Square in Fixed signs, trine between Mercury and Pluto). Got it? Here’s a few from my natal chart soundtrack:

Sun in Gemini – Real Wild Child (Wild One) by Iggy Pop

Moon in Scorpio – The Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen

Mercury in Gemini – Smarter Than You by The Undertones

Libra Ascendant – The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson

Leo Midheaven – Primadonna Like Me by The Struts

Venus in the 9th house – Bohemian Like Me by the Dandy Warhols

T-Square in Mutable signs – Hard Luck Woman by KISS

See how fun this is? Grab your chart, start searching for the perfect song for each part, and make your natal chart soundtrack!

Bonus: create your playlist on SoundCloud or iTunes so you can have your personal tracks to listen to on the go…or share with your peeps!


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