Four crystal experts talk about tarot and crystals

Last month, I wrote my epic post, Tarot and Crystals and Rituals…oh my! A primer for working with tarot and crystals. This month, I’m keeping the tarot and crystals love fest going! I chatted with four of my favorite crystal experts about the stones they recommend for intuition and tarot plus their favorite and least favorite tarot cards. Check it out:

Diane Bloom of Free Spirit Crystals

I’ve know crystal healer Diane Bloom of Free Spirit Crystals for many years. She’s not only a crystal healing genius but also a good friend. Diane has been a “rock” in my life (pun intended) and I’m so happy she took the time to chat with me about crystals and tarot.

Four crystal experts talk about tarot and crystals. Diane Bloom of Free Spirit Crystals

A: How might crystals enhance a tarot reading?

Diane: As we know, everything in the Universe is made up of atoms, everything vibrates to its own energetic make-up.  Crystals have a vibration that assist in opening lines of communication between the reader, the cards (which also have their own individual vibrations) and the Source.  When one uses crystals in a tarot reading, energetic signals are being transmitted to open the 6th chakra (third eye) to clearer and more focused interpretation of the cards.  

Quartz crystals are an electric energy that is used in all electronic communication devices.  Our brain is also an electronic communication device which connects to the vibratory energy of the crystal allowing one to “see” more concisely.

A: What stones do you recommend for intuition?

Diane: Here are the stones I recommend:

Amethyst:  Assists in gently opening the 6th chakra to one’s inner knowing, helping one to trust what she/he “hears”.  It also is a very gentle energy that is relaxing and aids in letting go of collateral thoughts so that one may concentrate on the matter at hand.

Azurite:  A very soft stone that draws out intuition and connects one to the bigger picture.  It allows one to “see” the past in order to interpret more clearly the present and future.

Lapis Lazuli:  Used by prophets in ancient times to calm the mind and see the future, Lapis Lazuli is useful clarity of thought and direct connection to one’s spiritual “advisors”.  Because of its Pyrite content, it also protects the seer from unwanted negative energies that may arise when opening one’s self to higher energies.

Apophyllite (especially Apophyllite pyramids):  Apophyllite has a very fine vibration that assists in relaxing the brain in order to open the channels necessary to receive information.  It gives out a ray of clear white light that opens the crown chakra and 6th chakra to what I call the Information Super Highway of the Universe.

Tiger’s Eye:  Tiger’s Eye helps us to trust our own gut feeling, to have faith in our own sense of knowing and to ground that faith in reality.  It allows us to bring in knowledge and use it practically for the good of ourselves and others.

A: What’s your favorite tarot card and what crystals are perfect for that card and why?

Diane: My favorite tarot card is the 10 of Cups.  To me it symbolizes the love that the Universe has to offer all of us, that we can peacefully co-exist and treat one another with respect and equality.  It also reminds us that the Universe is bountiful and we are all equally empowered to share in the riches that it has to offer. It is a very positive card and to me represents letting go of fear in order to bring in the happiness and abundance that the Universe so generously shares.

Citrine:  Citrine is called the abundance stone as it helps us to see where we are blocked by fear so that we may draw to us the things we wish to have.  I put Citrine in my cash register at Free Spirit Crystals and have several large pieces at home that I use when my fear wants to stifle my creativity and openness.

Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is probably the most gentle, loving stone of all.  I call it the Grandmother Stone as its energy soothes, rocks us in its rocking chair and tells us that everything is going to be alright.  It brings a calm and peace and allows us to see the good in ourselves so that we can see the good in all.

Jade:  Jade is another stone for abundance and for reaping the riches of what we sow.  It is a stone of unconditional love and inner truth which brings us together as one.  It is also called the stone of fidelity which I see as being faithful to the laws of the Universe in order to not only receive the bounty, but to share it as well.

Rainbow Quartz:  Quartz crystals that have infractions inside of them create beautiful rainbows which connect to the heart chakra and bring joy and happiness to our lives.  Because it is quartz, it also has that lovely vibration which assists in healing us on all levels – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  It encompasses the wholeness of life.

A: What’s the most challenging card in the tarot deck and which crystals would be the perfect remedy?

Diane: To me the most challenging card is the Hanged Man because it strongly suggests that we be more contemplative, not rush into decision making, meditate on what we need to change in our lives and allow that change to take place organically without using our will.  It also suggests that we do need to change and to take the necessary actions to do so without haste.  Not always an easy task for someone with Mars in Aries!

Charoite:  This is the stone of change and will assist you by making you feel uncomfortable until you make that change. Charoite gives you the opportunity to become more of your true self by shifting your thinking about who you are in the ego sense and who you truly are in a Universal sense.  It will hang with you while you go through the transformation.

Fluorite:  This is a stone for clarity of thought.  It helps us to assimilate scattered thought patterns in order to focus on the matter at hand.  It is a great stone for memory and concentration and to “see” higher spiritual principles.

Lepidolite:  Lepidolite allows us to relax and let go of the stress of daily living so that we may allow more peace into our lives.  It has a natural lithium base which brings calm and repose to that we may think and act more clearly and not simply react to our stressors.  It says, “Slow down, there is no rush” and allows us to shift in our own time.

Smoky Quartz:  This helps to ground and center us with calm and ease while we become more contemplative.  It gives us a sense of our physical body while we connect with the changes through which we are moving.  I feel a sense of safety and solidity when I use Smoky Quartz.


Diane Bloom has been the owner of Free Spirit Crystals in Butler, WI since 1991.  She has studied crystals and energy healing with some of the most renowned crystal teachers in the United States and has developed her own style of energy healing work which she practices at her store.

Diane is the co-founder and teacher of her own energy healing school – The Free Spirit School of Integrate Energy Healing.  She has written two books on crystalsThe KISS Guide to Crystals and The KISS Guide to Layouts (Keep it Simple Spirit).

Diane is also a Reiki Master/Teacher and Numerologist.

For more information, go to and

Four crystal experts talk about tarot and crystals

Zuri Eberhart

If you’re looking to buy great stones at reasonable prices, look no further than Yatzuri, the online shop owned by one of my favorite people, Zuri Eberhart. Zuri is a crystal whiz, fab tarot reader, and all around metaphsyical badass. Soak up her wisdom in the questions below!

Four crystal experts talk about tarot and crystals. Zuri Eberhart

A: How might crystals enhance a tarot reading?

Zuri: Crystals are powerful allies in a tarot reading to raise the vibration and offer a deeper perspective as to where the querent may require more healing, moxie or empowerment with the topic at hand. For example, perhaps the client is exploring how to best make a life change in the area of relationships. They are ending a relationship and ready to write a new chapter by allowing new love in. So, they may want to cast some crystals or intuitively pick some from a bowl that they are drawn to as additional guidance on how to take action going forward. A combination of Malachite and Rose Quartz may reveal that it’s time to do some heart chakra healing by letting go of the emotional baggage that’s been living rent free in their head space, so they can co-create with the Universe to bless them with a healthy, supportive and loving relationship. If their third stone ally happened to be Lodestone, then the crystal prescription may involve rituals around becoming an irresistible love magnet under a new moon with a crystal grid made out of Rose Quartz and Lodestone, once they have done the banishing work on feeling unworthy of a forever love on a waning moon with Malachite.

A: What stones do you recommend for intuition?

Zuri: One of my absolute go-to’s for intuition is Rainbow Fluorite. It comes in a gorgeous spectrum of colors ranging from the deepest of purples to yellows, blues, greens and pinks. It aligns all of the upper chakras, making it a channel for the Divine to pour wisdom through our crown chakra that can be distilled through the third eye chakra with clarity. As tarot readers, we are naturally born empaths, and it’s vital to stay grounded and mentally focused to be a clear channel for the messages we receive through the cards. Rainbow Fluorite can help quiet the monkey mind chatter, so that only the juiciest nuggets of insight get delivered in a session. Placed on your reading table, it also keeps you psychically protected, from lower vibrational energy, so your boundaries are respected and honored.

Another favorite is Apophyllite. I’ll often place a cluster on top of my tarot deck to call in Angelic reinforcements during a session to help me gain insight into where I need to direct my focus. If a client has a tarot reading in combination with distance Reiki, the Apophyllite will guide me towards the right cards for information on how their past lives may be contributing to the situation and what action steps will lead to deeper healing on their part.

Amethyst is the one I use for dream incubation. Working with Amethyst before bedtime allows me to communicate more clearly with my Dream guides on what I need to know, be shown about a situation and seek resolution. It’s also great to carry in a mojo bag or worn as a talisman to keep my spidey senses on high alert.

A: What’s your favorite tarot card – and what crystals are perfect for that card (and why)?

Zuri: My favorite tarot card happens to be the Sun. It showers our world with rays of success and gives us the cosmic thumbs up to go after our dreams. Crystals that align with that sunny vibe include: Citrine basks you in solar power by keeping you confident and shining your light of brilliance out into your orbit. With Citrine as your crystal ally, you are activating your ability to manifest and grow your abundance.
Like Citrine, Sunstone is another fire element stone ally. So, working with it helps your star burn so brightly that there is no where for you to go but up. It is a reminder that you have a well of moxie to tap into whenever you need to push forward and show the world what you’re made of.

Carnelian also needs to make the cut simply because as we step into the season of Beltane, we are looking at what fires our passion for creativity, new beginnings and growth. So, a stone like Carnelian is going to give you the energetic boost to birth something fresh, new and amazing into the world. And, watch it burn ever so brightly.

A: What’s the most challenging card in the tarot deck – and which crystal would be the perfect remedy? 

Zuri: Hands down, the 8 of Swords because self sabotage is a major game over moment for any creative mover and shaker. Getting out of our own head space to choose a new adventure is key to turning this card’s energy around. And working with a crystal like Celestite calls in your A-team of spiritual allies to step in and provide a new perspective to see our way out of the hole we’ve dug for ourselves. Sit with it in quiet meditation and ask to be shown clear signs from the Universe on how to best break through a set of blocks. Whether that’s bringing in the right earth angel to lift you up and guide you forward, or giving you the resources to make a new decision, they always answer the Bat signal that Celesite sends on your behalf.


Zuri Eberhart is a 3rd generation sage with a splash of sass. With her trusty Tarot deck and A-team of Guides, she’s been forecasting the future, beaming Reiki healing light and weaving her ritual coaching magic into the lives of men and women from across the globe for more than 20 years. When she’s not busy doing readings and energy healing work, you can find her livestreaming on Periscope and YouTube and running her magical apothecary shop over at

Social media links:

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Four crystal experts talk about tarot and crystals. Pink flourite.

Pamela Chen

Pamela Chen is the genius behind the adorable Crystal Unicorn Tarot as well as Luna Prosperity, Instagram’s hottest crystal spot. She’s bringing a lot of wisdom and mad style to the crystal ‘n tarot game. I loved her answers to my questions – you will too.

Four crystal experts talk about tarot and crystals
A: How might crystals enhance a tarot reading?

Pamela: Crystals have a unique healing energy that we can connect with. Keeping crystals by you or meditating with crystals before a reading can help you access your intuition and help you receive the messages you need with clarity. Crystals can also block off any negative energy and provide a healing supportive energy during and after the session.

A: What stones do you recommend for intuition?

Pamela: The first gem I would definitely suggest for intuition is Amethyst. Amethyst opens up your third eye, deals with mental stimulation, and can help you dive deeper into your intuition.

Selenite is the crystal for great communications and can help you see possible futures for your reading. Selenite is connected with the moon and intuition. It can also be used to cleanse the space of negative ions and energy.

Rose quartz is always an awesome stone. This crystal can help you center to your heart and be compassionate in your readings. I believe that our intuition does come from our heart space and it’s important to activate this energy during readings. Also give you courage and self confidence when you read for others!

Lastly the Clear Quartz, the master healer stone. If you can’t get any other crystals, you just need to have a Clear Quartz because it can imitate any of the crystals energies that you need! Clear Quartz can also activate your Crown Chakra and help you connect with divine source so that your messages will flow through your intuition.

A: What’s your favorite tarot card – and what crystals are perfect for that card (and why)?

Pamela: I always have different favorite cards, but my all time favorite is The Magician. Well, as you know I love magic and that is exactly the energy of what The Magician reminds me of. The Magician also reminds me that I have all the magic and skills I need to make my wishes come true. I have the power to create my world! And the crystal I paired up with The Magician in my Tarot deck is actually Smokey Quartz because Smokeys are Wish Stones and can help you manifest your personal or business goals!

A: What’s the most challenging card in the tarot deck – and which crystal would be the perfect remedy?

Pamela: The most challenging card in the deck for a lot of my clients seems to be The Tower. People don’t seem to handle things well when their foundation and world gets rocked and blown up! They freak out and everything is chaos. I think they forget that things need to fall for new things to come in and grow. Garnet can be an amazing crystal to help you through the changes. It can help ground you and bring order into your life and settle the feeling uneasiness and chaos. Garner can also help you focus on creating on what you truly want after the “destruction”.


Pamela is a Clairvoyant, Crystal Intuitive, and Potions Professor. She works with Soulful Entrepreneurs who desires to incorporate magical tools into their business like crystals, Tarot, and essential oils, so that they can stand out, enhance their clients experiences, and achieve faster results.

Pamela is also the creator of the Crystal Unicorn Tarot and co owner of a crystal boutique on Instagram called Luna Prosperity.

When she is not creating Tarot or hosting magical parties, she loves to read paranormal romances, watch Netflix documentaries, and bug her BF for a kitten or puppy (or really any animal).

Four crystal experts talk about tarot and crystals - amethyst

Margaret Ann Lembo

One of my absolute favorite crystal authors is Margaret Ann Lembo. Her books sit right on my shelf so I can refer to them often. Margaret Ann is one of the most respected and beloved crystal experts in the world. If you don’t have her books yet, I suggest you get a copy of The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones ASAP. In the meantime, you can read her answers to my questions below. 

Four crystal experts talk about tarot and crystals. Margaret Ann Lembo.

A: How might crystals enhance a tarot reading?

Margaret Ann: Using crystals and gemstones for readings came to my awareness after years of assisting customers pick gemstones in my own retail store in Florida, The Crystal Garden. Customers often want to know what stone will bring them love, or which crystal will clear negativity from their lives. I recommend that they go stand before the jewelry counter or the display of tumbled stones and encourage them to allow their eyes to go to what is drawing their attention.

In a tarot card session, have the client pull gemstones from a fairly large pile of gemstones. (see photo) After the client chooses the stones they are attracted to, tell them what those gemstones are for and often offer them a book about stones to read further about what they have chosen. For example, my book, The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones is a perfect accompaniment to a tarot session because it provides the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical uses of the stone as well as a divination or Divine Guidance. The astonishment regarding the accuracy of what that stone represents for them in their life, truly amazes client after client.

A: What stones do you recommend for intuition?

Margaret Ann: My recommendation of gemstones to use for developing and enhancing intuition are amethyst, apophyllite, clear quartz, kyanite, lapis lazuli, and selenite. All of these gems amplify your ability to see the unseen, know the unknown, and hear what is not being said. With clear intention on your part, use these stones with the goal to focus on trusting your inner voice as well as the many signs and symbols available to you through your dreams and synchronistic life situations.

A: What’s your favorite tarot card – and what crystals are perfect for that card (and why)?

Margaret Ann: There are many favorite like the Empress, the Lovers, and the Ten of Cups. The Empress card is symbolic of the empowered female as well as the feminine entrepreneur. The Lovers is one that denotes a loving relationships or a strong partnership, and the Ten of Cups is a celebration of balanced emotions and the vibe of happily ever after. All the pink and green gemstones are aligned with all three of these tarot cards. Let’s say emerald for the Empress, Ruby for the Lovers, and Watermelon Tourmaline for the Ten of Cups.

Emerald’s affirmation: I am grateful for my prosperity. I am healthy, whole, and complete. I am successful in all of my pursuits. My actions have beneficial results for everyone.

Ruby’s affirmation: Vital life force flows vibrantly through me. I am strong and health. I am grateful for my energetic passion.

Watermelon Tourmaline’s affirmation: My heart is open to giving and receiving love. I transform the world around me through focusing my energy and intentions on Divine love.

A: What’s the most challenging card in the tarot deck – and which crystal would be the perfect remedy?

Margaret Ann: The Tower is a card that sometimes indicates a major change and disruption in the status quo. During times of change and potential upheaval, use calcite to assist you through the transitionary period. Affirmations are helpful to maintain awareness and intention.

With an optical calcite say this affirmation: I see life clearly now. All obstacles have fallen away. Green or pink calcite are helpful when you are experiencing a change of heart.

Blue calcite helps you when you realize you need help with communication and the ability to understand others. Use this affirmation: I speak with love and kindness. I communicate softly regardless of what I need to express.

Green or pink calcite are helpful when you are experiencing a change of heart.  Use this affirmation to open your ability to accept change: I remain grounded and focused even when the world around me changes.

Orange calcite is optimal for all types of change and to really help you recognize that all change leads to better life situations. Use this affirmation: I embrace change. I create my own reality.


Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; Crystal Intentions Oracle; The Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing; and Animal Totems and the Gemstone Kingdom.

Find out more at and


Instagram:  @margaretannlembo


Gemstone oracle Margaret Ann Lembo

I hope you enjoyed reading the wisdom these amazing crystal experts shared today. I’ve got some more crystal ‘n tarot goodness coming your way soon. Keep an eye on the blog and keep on rockin’ in the free world! (Sorry…couldn’t help myself there.)


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Photos provided by Diane Bloom, Zuri Eberhart, Pamela Chen, and Margaret Ann Lembo
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