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You’ve got a burning question and you need a tarot reading – fast. But you don’t have any cash. Boo! So what do you do? Contact a random tarot reader on the internet and ask them to please give you a free tarot reading!


Sorry to be a buzzkill but that’s completely uncool. It’s like asking a dentist you never met to fill your cavity for free. Do you think that’s going to get your tooth filled? NOPE.

First rule for freebie seekers: do not reach out to a professional reader and ask for a free reading. In most cases, you’ll get sent to the payment page – or ignored. We’re business owners and need to charge for our services. It’s how we make a living!

Instead, seek out free tarot reading sources. There are plenty of ’em out there for you to choose from.

Below are some of my suggestions along with some netiquette pointers so that you don’t end up looking like a mooch.

Electronic options:

If you’re short on bread, you’re in luck – the internet offers some free auto-generated tarot readings! No human contact necessary.

FreeTarot.Com: simple automated tarot readings. Fast, easy to understand, and totally user-friendly.

Llewellyn: this is an easy-to-use electronic option. Pick a deck, a spread, click and boom! Quick ‘n fast tarot interpretations!

Dark Tarot: another electronic tarot reading service. They require a bit of personal information but the service is still speedy.

Gaian Tarot: get a free reading with the popular Gaian Tarot. Once again, an easy to use electronic tarot reading option. And who doesn’t love the soulful Gaian Tarot?

Tarot Live: another decent automated tarot service. Easy, fun, good interpretations.

Netiquette: hitting the same question over and over on an electronic thing will make you nuts. Do your reading from one of these and then sit with it for a while.

Live persons:

American Tarot Association (ATA): The American Tarot Association has two different options for free tarot readings. These are real readings by real people.

Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI): TABI’s volunteers complete over 200 free tarot readings per month.

Netiquette: use these services but don’t abuse them. Which means: you cannot bug these readers day in and day out. Use it sparingly and be respectful of the reader’s time. 

Other options:

Facebook groups: there are plenty of Facebook groups where you can practice your tarot skills or trade readings with other tarot enthusiasts. You’ll need to search around to find one that feels right to you.

Netiquette: don’t be that person who joins the Facebook group only to pester people constantly for freebies. Give as much as you get. Contribute your interpretations to readings. Also: don’t PM people begging for more. You will get banned fast.

Newbie tarot readers: there are many newbie tarot readers who would be more than happy to get the practice. Look around your hood – you might find a willing participant who will be grateful for the practice.

Good etiquette: the same rule applies for newbies and pros – don’t take advantage of them by constantly peppering them with questions. Get your question and then sit with it. Best practice: only get readings once every three months. This puts enough space between readings so that things can actually happen. 

Tarot apps: there are plenty of good tarot apps that you can download on your phone – many of them free or just a few bucks. I love this detailed post about tarot apps that Beth Maiden posted over at Autostraddle.

Do your own reading: the cheapest option is to do your own reading. I’ve got plenty of free resources so you can learn to read your own cards.

If you don’t mind spending a little cash:

Fiverr:  there are actually plenty of decent tarot readers selling their services on Fiverr. This is an excellent, affordable option – with many readers to choose from. You’ll have to hunt and peck – but with a little research, you might just find your new favorite tarot reader!

48 Hours Mega Mystic Access: for only $1.99, you get 48 hours to explore the Mystic Medusa site. Detailed horoscopes, on-demand tarot readings (12 cards), the scheduler and Oracle. It’s SO worth it. This is one of my favorite services, hands down.

I hope that this list will help you out the next time you’re in a tarot jam but short on bread. Happy tarot-ing!



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Ethony Tarot wrote this excellent post: Is it rude to ask for free tarot readings?

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