Goodbye, Rachel. Saying goodbye to Tarot legend Rachel Pollack.
I cannot write my usual stuff this weekend. I’m reeling from the news that Tarot legend Rachel Pollack has left this earthly plane. How can I write about my foibles and musings when one of the most important influences in my life is gone?

If you’re a Tarot person, you know the incredible body of work she has created. Anybody who has ever picked up a Tarot deck has most likely been influenced by her book, 78 Degrees of Wisdom. (I have three copies scattered throughout my house. One on each floor in case I need a Rachel fix.)

Rachel’s work isn’t limited to Tarot. She’s also a comic book writer, science fiction author, trans activist, scholar, and beloved teacher. She was also a friend to many, including me.

I had the good fortune of attending workshops with Rachel at various Tarot conferences. I sat side by side with her on panels and taught with her and Mary K Greer at the Omega Institute. We had conversations about the state of the world, gossipy Tarot news, and the love of a good bag. She graciously wrote a beautiful foreword to my book, Tarot: No Questions Asked – Mastering the Art of Intuitive Reading (I almost fainted when she said yes). Her intelligence, warmth, and wit will live on in my memories and the memories of so many others who were lucky enough to know her.

Her physical absence will be felt at every Tarot conference and workshop, but her iconic work will continue to shine on forever, inspiring future generations of Tarot lovers.

Goodbye, Rachel. You will be missed but never forgotten.



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