The Hit List: Before you hit send

There it was.  A snide comment on a blog.

Not mine…someone else’s.  Someone who was trying to do good work in the world.  A person that I know to be a beacon of kindness and integrity.  A model of what’s good in the universe.

But yet someone – a peer – felt the need to leave an unkind remark.


Was it to knock her down a peg or two?  To take her off some sort of imaginary, threatening pedestal?  Why would a colleague feel the need to drop a big bag of condescending snark on someone else’s digital home?

I don’t have the answers but I do have a solution if you find yourself thinking of doing the same: pause before you hit send.

That simple.

Even if you feel that you’re trying to offer “constructive criticism”, take a moment.  Consider how your words and tone might impact the other person.  If you really do have a critique, might you frame it so that you are truly helpful? Might there be a way to do this privately instead?

Maybe in some cases “calling someone out” might be righteous.  After all, when someone is behaving horribly, we cannot turn a blind eye, right?  But dumping on someone who is doing nothing except trying to be kind or helpful?  Think first before you hit that button, bruh.

How might your words make them feel? Is making them feel bad what you are aiming for?  If so, rethink this.

And maybe leave something sweet instead. Instead of finding fault, find something to like.  Do that.

Make someone’s day instead of making them feel like shit.

The end.


It’s perfectly fine to show cats with shark hats on the internet. More, please.

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What I’m Grateful For:


Earnest gestures

Sweet emails


External hard drives

Soundtrack for 8/27/16:

Rae Sremmurd – been jamming on this new stuff constantly!



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