How to Bling The Tarot Coloring Book: Sticker Love

by Theresa Reed on March 9, 2017

How to bling The Tarot Coloring Book - Sticker Love - The Lovers

I’ve been a huge fan of stickers since I was a little girl and could get ’em in those Wacky Packages gum packs. I actually bought those for the stickers, not the cardboard-y flavorless gum. The gum was never satisfying but sticking those stickers all over my Trapper Keeper or my bedroom wall – total bliss!  Ha ha!

I’m still a sticker fanatic to this day. Instead of a Trapper Keeper, I use them to jazz up my planner every Sunday when I map out my weekly schedule. It makes me giddy as a ten year old to stick a colorful Lisa Frank panda in overalls next to my massive to-do lists!  So, of course, you know I’ve been stickering up my Tarot Coloring Book!  This is a fun + easy way to add a little something extra to your pages – and, as you dig around for the right sticker, you know that you’re engaging in mindful activity. Because that’s the thing: the more energy you put into something, the more likely you’ll retain any info you gather.

Here’s my Lovers with washi tape and a little sticker bling:

How to Bling The Tarot Coloring Book - Washi Tape - The Lovers

I loved this little quote which I felt was appropriate for The Fool (Notice the little tarot card I placed on this page? That’s my idea for scrapbooking flair.):

How to bling The Tarot Coloring Book - Sticker Love - The Fool

This was one of my favorite stickers and so right for The Sun, which is all about shining brightly:

How to bling The Tarot Coloring Book - Sticker Love - The Sun

In the last tutorial on washi tape, life coach Paige Bentley shared her version of the World, which was also glammed up with some killer stickers:

How to Bling The Tarot Coloring Book - Washi Tape - The World

Here’s what to do:

You’ll need to find some stickers! Fortunately, that’s not hard!  You can find them at any craft store such as Michael’s in the scrapbooking section. I’ve also found some excellent stickers on  Amazon such as these, these, and these. I’m also really into anything KikkiK (swoon!).  And of course, you know I can’t resist Lisa Frank! Ha ha!

Now, sit down with your copy of The Tarot Coloring Book and go through the pages. Find stickers that correlate with the tarot cards. For example, a simple “love” might be ideal for The Lovers or an inspirational quote sticker such as “You are stronger than you think” would be excellent for Strength. How fun! Have a blast exploring, learning, and sticking!

I hope this post inspires you to get all crafty ‘n stuff with your Tarot Coloring Book.  Don’t let it sit on your shelf – bling it out!

Til next time: stay curious and keep shuffling, my friends.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Coloring Book 2017

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