High Fives and Bitch Slaps

Over the years, I have heard this statement again and again:

“I wish I had your gift.”

No, they are not talking about that pimp cup sitting on my shelf that my friend Suzi gave me.  They are talking about my intuitive abilities.

Did you notice the word I used just now? ABILITIES.  Why do I use that?  

Because I don’t see intuition as a “gift”.  I see it as a natural trait that we all possess.

Everyone at some time in their lives has had an intuitive experience.  Ask any mom – most of them have great stories about the “motherly instinct” (my kids didn’t get away with ANYTHING – having me as a mom was a killjoy because I always knew when something was up).

There are some of us who seem to have a more direct line to the Universe.  Not just professional intuitives like myself but also police officers, counselors, doctors and counselors.  Some of these people may not consider themselves to be “psychic” but when you sit down with them, they have story after story of how their instincts proved to be oh-so-true (and in some cases life saving!).  Are they special or gifted?  No.

I want you to hear this truth right now: EVERYONE HAS INTUITION.  


Over the years, I have taught many people how to tap into their sixth sense because my belief is this: the more aware you are of the energy around you, the more likely you are to make better life decisions.  


From time to time I still teach classes on psychic development. Students are always surprised at how easy it is to tap into their inner guidance.  I have a way of demystifying the mystical stuff and making it utterly pragmatic, sensible and even fun.  And that’s what I have done in my new offering, High Fives And Bitch Slaps From the Universe!  I’ve taken all of my methods, tricks and techniques that I have used with my students over the years and put it together in a sweet little ecourse that delivers you a cosmic punch over the course of 25 intuition busting days.

Questions about the ecourse?  I thought so.  Here’s your FAQs:

Q:  How does this work?

A:  After you make your payment, you’ll get a notice to subscribe to the HIGH FIVES AND BITCH SLAPS FROM THE UNIVERSE program.  Click to confirm and each day for 25 days, you’ll get a tip delivered right to your email box.  Each of these tips have been road tested right here in The Tarot Lady classroom – and these are the ones that my students found the most beneficial.  If you start implementing these techniques, your own intuition will begin to kick in.

Q: Why did you call it “High Fives and Bitch Slaps From the Universe”?  

A:  First of all, I like cheeky names.  I’m a bit rogue when it comes to my lingo so something like “practical intuition” wasn’t going to cut it for me.  Secondly, my own intuition seems to work just like that:  I get what I call “signs from the Universe” and often they feel like a high five or a slap in the face.  

Q: I’ve never had a psychic experience.  Is this going to be spooky?

A:  Not at all.  Most of the time, intuition is rather mundane. For example, we get a feeling that we shouldn’t go down a certain road – yet we ignore it and then run  into the worst traffic jam ever (yes, this has happened to me – aggravating!).  Being able to trust your gut is what I’m all about – because by tuning into (and respecting) your sixth sense, you’ll be making better decisions.  My mission in my ecourse is to show people how simple and natural intuition really is.  It’s not just for professional mystics.  It’s for everyone.

Q:  Where can I get my copy:


Q:  This program really motivated me! Will you be doing any more editions such as an advanced course?

A:  I’m behind the scenes working on all kinds of goodies for tarot lovers, intuitives, metaphysical business practitioners and more.  When it comes to all things mystical, I’ve got yer back….all you need to do is keep your eyes glued to the Tarot Lady hub.

Are you ready to become your very own best mystic?  Ready to see the HIGH FIVES AND BITCH SLAPS FROM THE UNIVERSE?  I knew you were.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2013

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