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Got a tarot business or trying to get one started?  Wondering how to maximize your potential without killing yourself (or spending a fortune)?  Looking for info that will actually help you elevate your biz?  I’ve got the Mad Hookups for tarotpreneurs and aspiring tarot pros.  Whether you are new to the game or an old hat, check out my latest recommended posts ‘n classes ‘n tools just for you:

If you’re itching to speak more this year, check out this post from Dr. Michelle Mazur: Setting goals for your speaking business in 2017 and beyond.

Have trouble choosing which creative project to work on because you’ve got sooooo many? Jen Louden has something to say about choosing.

Interesting post from Christiana Gaudet: Five reasons not to be a full-time tarot professional.

Building a start-up tarot business: what to expect in your first year. Liz Worth shares her experience + wisdom.

This: Don’t put off another project because you’re not in the right seat.

Does your work space have a funky vibe? Jenna Matlin has some cleansing tips that you might want to use. This post is written for the home but a tarot office could benefit from a nice cleanse once in a while.  Or daily!  Ha!

Advice I need to take: 3 tips for dressing your best, even when working at home.

Caitlin Bacher answers this question: Is hosting a Facebook group right for you?

Use Marie Forleo’s 2 step process to achieving goals with less stress.

The Stacy Harris talks about networking your way to success with Erin Smith.

Here’s how to make time to grow a successful blog when you have a full-time job.

Got a money mindset issue? Check out Denise Duffield Thomas’ list of the best life changing money books.

Take note: Google is not down with pop-ups on mobile. Here’s what to do instead.

Must read: Surveillance Self-Defense: tips, tools and how-toe for safer online communications.

I’m all about vision boards. Here’s Jeanna Kadlec’s advice for creating your 2017 vision board.

Struggling with lack of sleep? Ash Ambirge has your solutions.

This can apply to tarotpreneurs who are parents: 7 habits of parents who leave the office at 5PM guilt-free.

Amber McCue asks: is your business vision 20/20?

Want to teach tarot but not sure where to start? Grab my totally free guide: How to Teach Tarot. It has strategies for teaching and some fun ideas to get you started.

Sign right up for Healthy Boundaries for Business, Randi Buckley’s excellent course. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Looking for help marketing your business in a kind way? Check out Pink Elephant Academy.

The Voice Bureau says: okay okay – you can have fun with your blog.

New from Laura Simms: How focusing on purpose can be a game-changer.

Good question from Hiro Boga: Who profits when you are less than yourself?



HOT TIP: There is still time to register for The Reader’s Studio, the biggest tarot conference in the world! If you are a tarot pro or just a fan, you need to get your booty to this shindig. It’s excellent for networking and you’ll walk away with mad new tarot skillz.

Newsletters to read: Sign up for Hiro Boga’s newsletter. It’s full of wisdom for soul-powered businesses.

Listen up:  this month Talking Shop is bringing back speech coach Dr. Michelle Mazur, to teach you how to craft the perfect speech or presentation. If you’re ready to step on to the main stage, you don’t want to miss this show!

On my beside reading stack: The Profit of Kindness: How to Influence Others, Establish Trust, and Build Lasting Business Relationships by Jill Lublin. Because you don’t have to be a dick to be in business. 

Don’t forget: I’ve got a fantastic e-course for mystical entrepreneurs who struggle with the money aspect of their biz.  Check out GET IN CHARGE. Because there is nothing wrong with being a prophet who enjoys making a profit. Also: you can pick my business brain any time you like with my (inexpensive) and speedy email business mentoring service.

My mega-cool list of Business Resources for Tarotpreneurs and Mystical Entrepreneurs.  All for you, my friends.

So that’s it – lots of Mad Hookups for February.

Go on and succeed wildly, hot stepper!


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2017

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