New Moon in Gemini 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign

The New Moon in Gemini 2019 arrives on Monday, June 3rd at 6:02 AM EDT. This is the ideal day for a communication reboot. Think about what you need to convey and then say it. For example, you may want to have a heart-to-heart with a loved on about an issue that’s been on your mind. Let today be the day when you gather your courage and open the door for that convo. Or perhaps you need to speak up about something happening in the world. Write that blog post, send that tweet, make some noise!

This is an especially good day for writers. Begin that novel, pitch the media, reach out that publisher with a book proposal. You might be surprised at how things unfold in the months ahead.

Because Gemini rules the mind, it’s an excellent day to enrich your brain. Take a class, sign up for a cool online course, attend a lecture. Feed your head!

A few notes though: the Moon will square Neptune at 4:39 PM, which could bring confusion and foggy thinking. It may be hard to get your point across – or to understand what someone else is trying to say. An opposition with the Moon and Jupiter at 7:35 PM could be explosive. Emotions could color your thinking and situations may blow up. Mountains out of molehills? Yep. That.

Get ready for the New Moon in Gemini with this helpful ritual guide from Gabriela Herstik: New Moon In Gemini Ritual Guide. <-I add a bit of my own two cents to this offering! #newmoon #newmooningemini

And here’s some mini New Moon in Gemini 2019 Tarot Readings with the Wild Messengers Alchemical tarot deck!

New Moon in Gemini 2019 - and Tarot Readings for Each Zodiac Sign


Aries: Dolphin – There are many reasons to be happy at this time. Count your blessings and focus on the good!

Taurus: Elephant – A wise mentor could give you the much-needed guidance you have been seeking. Look to your elders for help.

Gemini: Trickster – Watch out that you do not get mired in negativity or victimhood. Change your stinking thinking!

Cancer: Honey Bee – Find the sweetness in your day. Stop and sniff the roses along the way.

Leo: Racoon – Take a moment to pause and reflect on your work. Are you proud of what you’re creating? Or it is time to shift gears?

Virgo: Seeker – In order for you to soar, you must examine your dark side – and heal it. There is wisdom in the muddy parts.

Libra: Soul – Open your big heart wide – and allow it to lead the way. When you operate from love, you always find your right path.

Scorpio: Power – Step into your power. Hold your ground. You are stronger than you know. Your courage is needed now.

Sagittarius: Polar Bear – Explore new paths. Go where you’ve never gone before. You are connected with all that is – how can you be lost?

Capricorn: Bonobo – When you think that you can’t do anymore, know that you have more to give. Keep going, keep giving it your all.

Aquarius: Koala – Rest where you are. You don’t need to push ahead at this time. Where you are is where you need to be at this time.

Pisces: Frog – A financial balance is needed. Find the middle ground between chasing your dreams while keeping your feet firmly planted on the earth.



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