Soul Proprietor – Brave steps

by Theresa Reed on April 17, 2017

soul proprietor

Running your own business requires courage. Each day is a series of brave steps.

The first day you put out your shingle. That took guts.

That day you received your first paid client? Another brave step. This was your first chance to prove yourself to them…and to yourself.

Ever say no to working with someone who drained your energy and treated you like crap – even though you needed that money? BRAVE.

The first time you encountered a hater took a ton of courage. You might have cried but kept on anyways. Now you’re starting to get immune to these types. Brush those shoulders off.

Setting boundaries – and then having to reinforce them again and again because…people. Yup. Holding your ground requires a strong backbone.

And let’s not forget that time you did an epic screwup. It might have felt like the end of the world. But then you took a deep breath and handled it like a pro. Because that’s what pros do. That: super-brave.

Here you are today. Still weathering the storms and celebrating the milestones. Because being in business for yourself is a gutsy thing to do. Every day, you are taking brave steps. Whether that be putting your work out there for the world to see, helping a new client, or firing an inappropriate one – business is for the lion-hearted.

Take a moment to give yourself credit for today’s brave steps.

And then ask yourself: what is the next brave thing I can do? Then: DO IT.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2017

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