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“Do I really need social media to succeed?”

“What if I don’t like it?”

“I don’t think I like it.”

“It’s so confusing – I’m not even sure which one to use.”

“I don’t have time for it.”

My fellow mystical entrepreneurs ask me about social media all the time. Most of them know that I fully embrace it.  I encourage them to do the same.

I pay close attention to trends and new platforms – and test a few out here and there so that I can determine which ones work well…or don’t. Some social media channels have been excellent for my business. Others have little to no return on investment.

I can’t explain why certain ones work for me or others…or not.

But I can tell you this: I find it to be valuable. Reason why: it puts my mug out there and helps people find their way to my online hub.  

Simple as that.

But do need it?


There are plenty of entrepreneurs who don’t use it at all and their businesses are doing just fine. People like my writing mentor Alexandra Franzen or tarot author Barbara Moore. Neither one participate in any social media type thing as of this writing and they are content as can be.

Here’s the thing: if you enjoy it and it benefits your business, then do it.

But if you don’t like it at all or see no noticeable benefit, feel free to take a pass on all that jazz.

If it makes you miserable, take it off your to-do list and find other avenues to promote your business.

Remember: word of mouth has always been and will always be king.

You can grow a strong business by delivering great service and nothing more. And that, my friends, is more valuable than a clever tweet or a well-timed post on some social media profile.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2017

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