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Are you embarrassed because you have a “day job” and your passion work isn’t turning a profit?

Or do you feel envious of peers who seem to be rolling in the dough while you’re still hanging onto a job that pays well and provides health insurance?  (The very thought of paying for that out of pocket makes you hyperventilate.)

What if you happen to enjoy that so-called day job as much as you like your part-time side gig?

There’s a lot of pressure in the biz world to go “full time” with your business. 

Like, if you work in an office by day, and do tarot (or massage, Reiki, meditation, life coaching, yoga, etc.) by night, somehow, you are a “failure.”

Can we get over this? If you are doing good work in the world — contributing to people’s lives, making the world a better place — then it doesn’t matter if you have 1 boss or 14 clients or 400 customers or some / all of the above. If you are contributing, then you are crushing it! 

You have every right to be proud.

Don’t worry about whether your biz is “part time” or “full time.” Don’t worry about what your peers are doing. Worry about delivering top-notch service and creating a career that makes YOU happy.

If that means doing your gig on the side forever, so be it.  If it means doing your work but having other part time gigs to fill in the income gaps, let ‘er rip.  If you’re a stay at home mom who has a small Etsy business but prefers to spend most of your time with her kidlets, do your thang.  And if you happen to enjoy having a “day job” in addition to your own side biz, rock it out!

Fun fact: not everyone wants (or needs) to go full time with their thang.  Nothing wrong with that, mates.

Your business is your business, and how you do it is nobody else’s business.

No shame in that.




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