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“I’m doing everything I can to promote my biz…but still crickets.  What am I doing wrong?”

Ever feel like that?

I have talked with many mystical entrepreneurs over the years and this is something I hear a lot.  No matter what tips and tricks they try, it still seems to be a road to nowhere fast.  And when you are marketing your heart out but not getting results, it’s not only frustrating, it’s disheartening.  It’s enough to make you want to throw in the towel and go back to working for someone else.

When I begin examining their marketing efforts with them, we often find that there are some typical culprits that may be creating the problem.

Here are the usual marketing fail suspects and what I recommend:

1. Your marketing sucks.  There, I said it.  I’ve seen some terrible marketing campaigns that are not only ineffective but a turn-off for potential clients.  I’m talking: desperate sales lingo, pressure techniques, a constant stream of “buy buy buy” on social media, and zero effort to connect with people.  The old days of broadcast marketing, where you bombard people with in-your-face ads, no longer works.  These days, it’s about forming relationships.  Which means you need to think about making genuine connections.  Speak with people and listen more rather than bashing them over the head with your promotions.

2. You’re not consistent.  Consistency is key – you can’t become a recognized brand or service provider if you do a half assed attempt.  If you’re only blogging or sending out newsletters once in a blue moon, people will easily forget about you.  Whether you are engaging in social media or sending out an email to your list, be consistent.  This will build trust and familiarity.  (PS consistency isn’t the same as pushiness.  Consistency is showing up and sharing, not hammering people constantly.)

3. You’re doing the wrong stuff. Adding people to your Facebook page or email list without permission –  or joining forums + groups only to constantly pepper those spaces with self-promo? Nuh-uh.  Do that sort of thing and you’re going to piss people off.

4. You’re marketing to the wrong audience.  This is one I see a lot. An example: marketing to fellow tarot readers in a Facebook tarot group.  Do you really think your fellow tarot professionals are going to buy a reading from you?  They might but most likely, not. Instead, get clear on your audience and find the places where they might hang out.

5. You sound like everyone else.  If you mimic your peers and their lingo, you won’t stand out.  You’ll just be another carbon copy and people will smell that a mile away.  Instead, bring your own flavor into your marketing.  What makes you different?  What are your quirks?  Be you, period.

6.  Your writing is so-so and your sales pages often have typos and spelling errors.  UGH.  This is a quick way to say “I am not a professional.”  If you are not a strong writer, get help.  Hire a copywriter or an editor to polish your words up.  This is a business expense that will pay for itself over and over.

7. Your website isn’t very user friendly or attractive. All the good marketing in the world won’t matter one iota if your site isn’t working.  Clear up the site clutter, get your design on point, check to see that buttons work properly, create easy navigation, and make sure your webcopy is compelling and unique to you.

8. You’re new in business. Listen up, homie: it takes time to build your business.  If you just opened your doors, you cannot expect that you’re going to be making big bucks right away.  I know that there are lots of gurus who promise you six figures and mega launches if you just follow their plan…blah blah blah.  There is no magic bullet or formula that will give you instant results no matter what some slick marketers might have you believe.  Skip that mumbo-jumbo, get real and be patient.

A little pep talk: you can do this.  Promotion is part of business and while it may not feel easy, in time it will and your biz will grow.  Just stay on your hustle and keep tweaking away.  In due time (and with consistent effort), you’ll find your groove.



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2016

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