Got a spiritual business? Dr. Kate Byrne reveals how to fill your calendar with ideal clients.

Do you have a spiritual or heart-centered business? Wondering how to avoid the whole feast or famine cycle? Do you dream of having a fully booked client calendar with people you love working with? If that sounds like you, I’ve got the person I trust the most to help you get on the right path: Dr. Kate Byrne of Betty Means Business. I’ve been a mega-fan of her work for years and am delighted to share her brilliance with my peeps. In this short interview, Kate will reveal how to fill your calendar with ideal clients and she’s also sharing one great marketing tip that will help even the most introverted mystical entrepreneur confidently stand out from the crowd!

Q: So many spiritual entrepreneurs struggle with the “feast or famine” thing, especially when they are first starting out. What is your advice on drumming up business – when you just opened the doors?

Kate: I agree, the whole feast or famine cycle sucks! It’s usually a result of focusing all our attention on winning clients, then focusing all out attention on working with those clients, and the needing to start attracting and winning clients from scratch once our work schedule opens up again.

Getting out of that awful feast or famine cycle is all about consistency. For example, making time every day (or every week) to consistently focus on sales activities will usually result in more consistent sales!

The key is to get really honest about how best to spend the time you dedicate to sales activities for the greatest return, and then actually taking consistent aligned action. This might mean, for example, consistently taking action every day to generate discovery session conversations with potential clients, rather than tinkering with your website.

Of course, the best kind of sales and marketing activities that will work best for you will depend on a bunch of variables like your ideal clients, your strengths and preferences, your business model, your budget, and your brand values.

Q: A fully-booked calendar sounds like a dream. But when it’s filled with clients that aren’t ideal? Not so much. Can you tell me why a full calendar with clients that you don’t vibe with isn’t a good strategy?

Kate: Having a schedule stuffed to the gills with clients that aren’t a great fit can really suck the joy out of things. It can be hard and awkward and exhausting and not at all fun to spend time with people that you don’t gel with… the same is true with clients. Of course, working with clients doesn’t always have to feel like catching up with a friend, but when it does…..

Building a business takes work. Not every day will be a walk in the park. On the hard days, remembering that you work with clients you love can help make things easier.

On top of that, working with people that aren’t your ideal client means that they are less likely to experience the incredible results your right-for-you clients would.

And of course, most of us go into business because we’re eager to help people. When you’re spending all your time working with folks that aren’t ideal clients, the people you’re really meant to serve are left stuck in a world of pain with problems that you are best positioned to help solve. In this way, focusing on attracting your ideal clients is actually a way you can really be of service in the world.

Once you’re clear on your ideal clients, it’s important to make sure that you do actually have a money making niche because building your business can be a bloody hard slog if you don’t!

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Q: In your opinion, what would an ideal booked-out business look like?

Kate: For me, the goal of being booked out is about bringing to life the holistic vision I have for my ideal, regular work week. There are a number of factors that play into this vision. For example, I like to take into account lifestyle factors, like being able to go to my favourite yoga class guilt-free in the middle of the day, time with family, stuff that fuels my well-being and sense of purpose/fulfillment, time to write and work ON my business, and of course a sustainable client load.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what my ideal booked out schedule looks like…. What’s most important is that each of us is clear on our unique version of what booked out looks like for us.

For some people, this will mean a booked out business looks like working with 12 ongoing clients a month and keeping afternoon’s free for school pick up. For others, a booked out business could mean working intensively with 4 clients a month and always keeping Wednesdays and Thursdays client-free for book writing and helping out at their local dog rescue.

The key is that it feels right for you. Contrary to popular belief, being booked out doesn’t have to mean run off your feet without any time for yourself. That’s just complete bullshit. If you’re intentional about it, it IS possible to build a booked out business that fuels you, helps you make an impact, and a great living.

Q: Can you give me an example of one easy marketing tip that might help spiritual entrepreneurs – especially those who are introverted by nature? (Psst…many of us are!)

Kate: I get it – I’m pretty introverted by nature myself!

A great tip is to package up your services into a high-value offer that speaks to your ideal client. This can be so powerful when it comes to standing out from the crowd and attracting your ideal clients.

To create a great package you need to be clear on who your ideal clients are and the problem(s) you help them solve. Packaging in this way is about grouping together different features that when combined are designed to help your ideal client experience a certain result. Some examples of great features that could be grouped together to create a unique, really cool offer are: a series of readings, a tarot card deck, weekly accountability check-ins, a certain number of emergency 15 minute laser reading/coaching sessions, a meditation audio, a workbook, a specially selected crystal or intentional jewelry, a journal, tickets to an event etc.

If you’re inspired to package up your services, keep in mind that bigger isn’t always better. Stuffing too many features into an offer can overwhelm, rather than help your ideal clients. When designing high-value packages, the key is to focus on 1) what would work best for your ideal clients, and 2) your strengths.

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About Dr. Kate Byrne:

Dr. Kate Byrne is the force behind Betty Means Business and creator of the popular ecourse, The Betty Booked Out Formula.

Passion-fuelled blogger and business strategist, Kate helps women succeed online so they can shine neon bright in business. She is an advocate for being all in, charging what you’re really worth and going after what you really want.

Kate has been featured on Sky News TV, in The Sydney Morning Herald, the Asia Pacific Journal of Public Relations, and a number of hugely popular websites and blogs.

There’s no denying it – Kate is a huge nerd. She’s been awarded a Ph.D. in strategic communication, a flood of industry certifications, a university medal, and multiple industry and academic awards and scholarships.

She believes in the power of possibility, roller derby, green juice, 80s movies involving dancing and/or prom nights, and girl power.

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Here’s to full calendars for all mystical and spiritual based entrepreneurs!



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