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In the next part of our Star School series, we’re looking at the planets through the houses.

In this lesson, we’ll look at the Venus through the houses in the natal chart.

Last month, we looked at Mercury in the houses. This month, we’re looking at Venus.

Star School Lesson 26: Venus in the Houses

A gentle reminder: Venus rules love, romance, beauty, art, social graces, and luxury.

The houses represent different areas of your life. You can get an idea of how and where a person expresses their love when you check out the position of Venus in the houses of the natal chart. Where Venus lands is where you are loving, artsy, and attractive.

Venus in the 1st house: Since the first house rules appearance, people with this placement can be real lookers. They tend to be physically attractive, or, at the very least, well put together and charming. The personality is attractive and pleasing, which can often lead to popularity. Outgoing and friendly, these people are a joy to be around. As a rule, they need beautiful and orderly surroundings. A dirty, argumentative household is their idea of hell. Creative careers such as design or art appeal to them as does any work that allows them to have a close relationship with the public. An afflicted Venus in the 1st creates a vain “me me me” personality or passive-aggressiveness. Famous people with this placement: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, George Clooney, Bill Clinton.

Venus in the 2nd house: This placement of Venus indicates a love of wealth and all the fine things. Individuals with Venus here are often pretty good at attracting money too. In some cases, they may marry someone of means. Extravagance and generosity are both characteristics of 2nd house Venus peeps. They love to spend and give, often lavishing presents on their loved ones. If Venus is negatively aspected, they may live beyond their means and use money as a way to climb up the social ladder. A career in art or beauty could bring in plenty o’ cash. Famous people with this placement: Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, Freddie Mercury, David Beckham.

Venus in the 3rd  house: This is the house of mind and communication, which means natives with this placement are creative thinkers and can express themselves beautifully. This is the placement for poets, writers, and artists as well as those who appreciate literature and fine arts. It’s also excellent for diplomats, mediators, or anyone involved in work where they need to express ideas in an eloquent and peaceful manner. Travel for pleasure and social obligation may take up a fair amount of time. If afflicted, this can produce a person who tells people what they want to hear or someone who is mentally lazy. Famous people with this placement: Dalai Lama, Jay Z, Kris Jenner, Pablo Picasso, Lindsay Lohan.

Venus in the 4th house: A beautiful, harmonious home is important to people with Venus in the 4th. Their homes may be elegant showpieces. Even if they have limited means, they will have a good eye for design and prefer a clean, orderly space. Relationships with the family tend to be loving. The individuals enjoy close relationships with the parents, in particular, the mother. Sometimes this placement can indicate an inheritance. If this placement is afflicted, the individual may have helicopter parents who smothered them and kept the apron strings held tight. Famous people with this placement: Britney Spears, Halle Barry, Aleister Crowley, Tony Robbins.

Venus in the 5th house: Venus in the 5th house folks love to have a good time. Pleasure is important to them and they can be bon-vivants, with many romantic experiences and adventures. Romance is always on the agenda and they should enjoy plenty of romantic opportunities. Depending on other aspects and the sign Venus is in, the native can be a playboy/playgirl type – or quite loyal to their partner. They have lots of luck in love and are usually popular. Venus in the 5th house types tend to be loving parents and their children are likely to be beautiful. This is a great placement for performing artists, teachers, and musicians. If negatively aspected, they can be a bit fickle in love. Famous people with this placement: Chrissy Teigen, Jared Leto, Mick Jagger, Henry Cavill.

Venus in the 6th house: This placement can indicate a love of work – or finding romance through the occupation. Oftentimes, relationships with coworkers and bosses are friendly. The profession may be centered around women or work that requires diplomacy. It’s a fine placement for agents, mediators, and public relations (call these peeps if you’re having a PR crisis!). A harmonious work environment is important to them. Without it, they wilt. In fact, if the working conditions are negative, it can impact the native’s health. Work is sometimes connected to artistic pursuits or design. Many talented designers have this placement. If negatively aspected, the person may be in love with work, making little time for a personal life. Or this can produce the gourmand who overeats to the point where the health is affected. Famous people with this placement: Michael Jackson, Jennifer Aniston, Prince, Nelson Mandela.

Venus in the 7th house: Venus in the 7th is a great placement and usually indicates love. A happy marriage and positive business partnerships are possible, provided Venus is not afflicted. Individuals love to be in love – and may see romance as the ultimate path to happiness. They must be careful not to rush into marriage – before settling down, they need to give it time to make sure it’s the real deal and not just the desire to be partnered. This is a good position for Venus if your work involves dealing with the public or relationships – examples would be therapist, marriage counselor, marketing or public relations. If Venus is afflicted, natives may put up with a bad partner because they don’t want to rock the boat or they may see their partner through rose-colored glasses and overlook red flags and warning signs. Famous people with this placement: Ryan Gosling, Marilyn Manson, Cindy Crawford, JK Rowling.

Venus in the 8th house: One of the traditional interpretations of this placement is gain through marriage or partnerships. This could be an inheritance, alimony, or even through “marrying up.” Individuals with Venus here take relationships and sex seriously. They want depth and they expect loyalty. There is a strong sexual nature to their makeup. Sensuality courses through their veins! In an afflicted chart, Venus in the 8th can lead to an obsessive, overly sexual nature with a vicious streak of jealousy. It can also indicate someone who marries only for financial gain. This can also produce a lazy, hedonistic personality. Famous people with this placement: Miley Cyrus, JFK, Jennifer Lawrence, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Venus in the 9th house: Venus in the 9th house folks have a great love of philosophy, religion, and higher education. They are also keenly interested in travel and foreign cultures. Many of these people travel far and wide – and some may marry someone from a different cultural background. Relations with the in-laws tend to be favorable. That being said, because the 9th house is connected to travels, this placement can also indicate a person who needs a certain amount of freedom in a relationship. If they feel constricted in any way, they will tend to flee. If well aspected, Venus here can produce religious or philosophical scholars, as well as those who write on these subjects. It can also indicate someone who is highly educated and well traveled. Afflicted, the person can be loathed to settle down and may be somewhat prone to wanderlust – emphasis on the lust part. Famous people with this placement: Marilyn Monroe, Eminem, Friedrich Nietzche, Kate Hudson.

Venus in the 10th house: This is a great placement for anyone who is in the public eye for it tends to indicate a charming persona. Natives are well regarded and popular – and able to shine brightly when a spotlight is turned on them. Artists with this placement may receive acclaim for their work. Those who are involved in acting, public relationships or any sort of work that puts them in the public eye can to do well. Women may play an important role in their success. In some cases, Venus in the 10th house may create a person who is able to win favors with people in positions of power. These peeps can network beautifully. If Venus is negatively aspected, relationships may be used for professional gain. That guy who was your bestie until you introduced him to some big wig and then he ghosted you – that. Famous people with this placement: Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Uma Thurman, David Bowie, Kanye West.

Venus in the 11th house: Venus in the 11th indicates popularity and a rich social life. Friendships will be warm and loving. Pals will also be helpful to the individual and goals are likely to be achieved due to the influence of friends. Romantic relationships can also be developed through the social life. Friends may become lovers and lovers may become friends. Many of the social circles that these natives travel through might be filled with artsy types. If afflicted, drama can come through mixing friendships with romance. Individuals must be careful that they don’t send off the wrong signals or use friends to get ahead. They must also be mindful of the choice of pals. A bad social circle could lead them astray. Famous people with this placement: Donald Trump, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Winona Ryder.

Venus in the 12th house: People with 12th house Venus placements need their quiet time. They love solitude and crave their space. But they are also hungry for love and perhaps a bit shy about expressing their feelings, which can lead to lost opportunities or secret love affairs. Boundaries are weak and, if Venus is afflicted, they can be used by other people. Deeply sensitive, their feelings are often easily hurt. Learning to set strong boundaries and let go is a lesson for these sensitive, kindly folks. Compassion is strong and they will be the first to give you the shirt off their back. That being said, they must choose romantic partners with great care and not be too eager to jump into the sack. Their emotions run their lives and when they learn to practice discernment, they can channel their strong feelings into creative inspiration. Venus in the 12th also gives spiritual protection. Famous people with this placement: Rihanna, Hillary Clinton, Mariah Carey, Robert Pattinson, William Shakespeare, George Michael.

What does Kim Kardashian’s Venus tell you about her? Where is she feeling the love?



Homework! Grab your chart and find your Venus. Where are you lovin’ up a storm?

Next month, we’re going to cover Mars through the houses. This will show where you are aggressive and ambitious.

But until then…

Keep gazing at the stars – and stay curious,


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