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You may have heard about the dreaded Mercury retrograde. Computer crashes, travel snafus, and communication mishaps: it sounds like the right time for a business nightmare scenario!

Did you know that there are two other retrogrades that might wreak havoc on your biz? Or do you know what a void-of-course moon is – and what that might mean for entrepreneurs? How about eclipses? Wonder if they might impact your business?

Take a deep breath because we’ve got answers – and remedies!

In this episode of Talking Shop, we’re going to give you the inside story of retrogrades, void-of-course moons, and eclipses. You’ll learn how they can affect the business world – and how to navigate these tricky transits.

Once you’ve got this down, the cosmos will be your new business BFF (psst…and your business will run smoother). Doesn’t that sound peachy keen?


In this power hour, we’ll discuss:

What retrograde means

What Mercury retrograde is all about – and how to prepare

Why Mars retrograde needs to be watched closely

How to handle clients during the Venus retrograde

Void-of-course Moons and the cosmic timeout

Eclipse know-how

And more!

If you’re ready to add some cosmic juice to your business, this is one you won’t want to miss!


Listen in + learn:

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