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Whether you’re a total business newbie or a seasoned pro, the learning never stops. Your business provides you with plenty of lessons around money management, client care, admin stuff, and more.

But your education shouldn’t stop there.

In fact, continuing ed should be a regular part of your business plan.

Because business changes. As the biz world evolves, you’ll want to keep your skills sharp as a sword and your business practices up-to-date. If you neglect this part of your career, you risk falling behind the times.

We don’t want that to happen!

So we’re talking all about business education in this episode of Talking Shop: why you need it, how often you should be taking classes, and more!


In this power hour, we’ll discuss:

What classes we’re taking and why

Best online places for learning

How often you should be seeking continuing ed

Conferences and events – why they rock

Fitting in learning when you’re running a biz – and a family

The other side of the coin: teaching

Rituals to help you focus your energy and be the best student, ever!

And more!

Ready to get schooled? Grab your pencils ‘n paper – and tune in!


Listen in + learn:

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