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If you’ve been studying astrology for a minute, you’re probably familiar with the dreaded Mercury retrograde – that transit that disrupts transportation, communication, and technology. For entrepreneurs, it’s a time when you need to slow down and avoid launching new things.

But did you know that Mars retrograde is just as important as Mercury retrograde for mystical business owners? 

When Mars slows down its orbit, ambition can get twisted. Launching a new business or product? Fuggetabout it. Mars retrograde will only get you off on the wrong biz foot. 

Sound like a party you don’t want to attend? Fear not – we’re going to teach you how to jam with this frustrating transit. 

In the latest Talking Shop, we’re giving you the scoop about Mars retrograde and how it might impact your business. We’ve been talking about the planetary action this year to give entrepreneurs a cosmic heads up on how to manage even the gnarliest transits. 

In this power hour, we’ll discuss:

  • What Mars retrograde is all about
  • Which is worse: Mercury retrograde or Mars?
  • What to do if you’ve already launched during a retrograde (yes, you can turn the beat around!)
  • Things to avoid – and rituals to use

and more!

If you’re looking at ways to rock the heavens and your biz, we’re clueing you in. Listen up:

Listen in + learn:


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