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Self-publishing is IN. 

In fact, self-publishing has turned the whole publishing world upside down. You don’t have to sit around waiting for the traditional publishers to give your book a nod. Instead, you get to be in full control.

That means: publishing your book when you want. Choosing your own cover. Deciding on the format (hard copy or Kindle). Marketing. All of it!

Better yet: you keep all the profits.

Sounds groovy, right? 

But how do you get started? If that’s your question, we have answers. 

Our mission this year is to give you the information you need to get your book out of your head and into the world. From writing habits to collaboration, to marketing, we’ve got you covered.

In this episode of Talking Shop, we’re bringing on Jenna Matlin, author of Have Tarot Will Travel: A Comprehensive Guide to Reading at Festivals as a Tarot and her latest book, just released this year: Have Tarot Will Party: A Comprehensive Guide to Party Reading for the Tarot Professional. Jenna is a seasoned self-published author and she’s gonna show you the ropes in this informative episode. 

In this power hour, we’ll discuss:

  • The pros and cons of self-publishing
  • How to get your book done 
  • What you need to know about getting your book on Kindle and print
  • Marketing your book
  • Making your self-published book a success

And more!

If you’re curious about self-publishing, you don’t want to miss this episode! Listen in:

Listen in + learn:


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