Tarot Bytes Episode 105: Round Tarot Decks with Angela Mary Magick

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Episode 105: Round Tarot Decks with Angela Mary Magick

There are a few round tarot decks on the market. But for those of us who are used to working with the standard rectangular shaped cards, the round ones may seem bewildering. How do you shuffle them? What happens if they turn up sideways instead of up or down? Can you use them like a compass? These are the questions I had – and my favorite witch, Angela Mary Magick had the answers.

In this episode of Tarot Bytes, Angela Mary shares how she works with round cards – and what every reader needs to know if they’re thinking of giving them a whirl.

About Angela Mary:

Episode 105: Round Tarot Decks with Angela Mary MagickAngela Mary is a Magick maker, Tarot reader, mother of teens and lover in her native Orange County California. The middle child of a family of nine children, she grew up in a very humble, creative household. Raised on holy water kept in the home and LP records on the turntable, she had a lot of time to cloud watch and moon-gaze. There was a big organic garden in her backyard and often Catholic mass was held in her childhood living room.  From just a baby, Mother Mary beckoned her into her bosom and the bespoke coven that became, in the words of Adrienne Rich, her ‘rose-wet cave’ and safe haven.

There from the start, her clairsentient and psychic abilities helped her navigate the rickety bridge created by childhood trauma. Everything is a Spell…and tiny Altars were her second nature and fecund ground for her earliest Spellbound Rites. Angela babysat from a young age in the ’70s and one of her early babysitting gigs had a copy of the iconic ‘Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs and Linda Goodman’s Love Signs. Bit by the bug of all beautiful Magickal things – she was hooked, line and sinker.

As a young teenager in the 80’s Angela worked in a bookstore where she encountered her first Tarot deck which she began to transcribe by hand because she couldn’t afford to buy it. Angela became a teenage cosmetologist in 1984 and in 1986, at 20 years old, a Salon owner, for thirteen magickal years. Working in a creative field from a very young age gave her the natural freedom to continue to explore her Spirituality. The deep relationship with the clients developed her desire to help and serve folx not just on the surface level with their beauty adornments and treatments, but on the emotional and spiritual level, as well. When client’s hair color was processing there would often be oracle card readings and deep intuitive sharing, think super 80’s witchy Steel Magnolias. Her beloved Tarot came roaring back into her flesh before work one day, she asked one of her employee sister-witches to read her Tarot cards. Her friend said “no I don’t read for anyone, but you can borrow my deck and read for yourself” and just like that, a Tarot reader was born. She has never parted from her Tarot practice for a single day since.

Angela Mary has an array of Magickal offerings. This includes daily free Magick Spells on her Instagram account called ALTARed STATES. Tarot sessions at her home Tarot table in Huntington Beach California, or via video or phone. Angela is the creatrix of ATMOSPHERE~Aromatherapy Zodiac Lunar Love Myst sprays, made of a Holy Mother Water nurtured from the caves of Lourdes France, and the beaches of Southern California. ATMOSPHERE is available in 4 aromas: RESIST MYST, for protection, MOON MAGICK for manifestation,  AURA for invocation and for a limited time, SACRED SHADOW, for embodiment.  Angela Mary’s most tender and precious new offering is MOON COVEN, a year-and-a-day of Spellbound rights celebrating every full moon, new moon and 8 Turns of the Wheel, from October 2018-October 2019. Bespoke Magick Spells available upon request.  She also provides house blessings & clearings in addition to custom handmade Altar cloths.

You can find Angela Mary at these mighty fine spots:

IG @angelamarymagick

Grab your favorite deck, put in your earbuds, and dive in!



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