I am a huge fan of artist Orna Ben-Shoshan’s other divination kit, Tokens of Light.  I consult with them often and so far, they have never steered me wrong.  So you can imagine how happy I was to receive a copy of her other divination system, “The 72 Names Cards” (publisher Kabbalah Insights).

Based on the wisdom of the Kabbalah, this simple deck is perfect for personal guidance in life’s stickiest situations.  (You do not need to be a student of Kabbalah – this deck is appropriate for anybody who is looking for an easy to use consultation tool.)

As soon as I opened the box, I felt as if I was being transported to another world!  The art work is incredible – spiritual images, whimsical figures and bright colors make this deck a beauty to behold.  The cards are also printed on high quality, glossy card stock which is always a plus.


Once I held the cards in my hands, I could tell that these were special.  There is a vibration around them that seems “mystical”. It’s hard to explain but it’s the only way I can truly describe how they feel.  

Each card is numbered and has a sacred letter combination in Hebrew (the 72 names).  The back is brown with swirling images and the logo in the middle.  The deck comes packaged in a matching box and includes a little white book of interpretations.

It’s easy to use the cards: focus on your issue as you shuffle the cards.  After you ask your question, pull one card from the deck and then consult the book for interpretation.  You may choose another card for clarification.  (The author sagely recommends that you should not ask more than two questions in any session nor should you repeat the same question until 14 days have passed or the situation changes.  Good advice because these are addictive!)

Each interpretation offers Perspective, Direction and Bottom Line.  You can read all three for your interpretation or pick the one that seems to best suit your question.  For example, I asked about a decision I had recently made and the card I pulled is number 9.  I chose the “bottom line” interpretation: “Something will happen very soon that will encourage and reassure you about the fulfillment of your wishes.  People who are close to you offer help and support.”  Shortly after I pulled the card, I did indeed get the support I needed which reassured me that my judgment was correct.  


It’s this sort of easy guidance that makes this deck such a gem.  I’ve done many other consultations with the 72 names and each time I’ve been astounded by the wisdom within that deck.  Whether you are a fan of Kabbalah, divination systems, or Ben-Shoshan’s work, you MUST get this deck.  And if you are looking for a little vault of spiritual wisdom, this is one you cannot miss.  

Once again, Orna Ben-Shoshan has created a fantastic tool for all seekers.  



© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady

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