The Hit List - The big chill

Years ago, I liked to indulge in a little weed here and there. But although I liked the buzz, the feeling on my lungs….not so much. It might be that I’m a Gemini. We rule the lungs so it’s not surprising that smoking pot felt like a Brillo pad was rubbing in the inside of my lungs raw. Needless to say, that made me give it up altogether about thirty years ago. 

Yet on a recent trip to California, I decided to throw caution to the wind and ingest a “weed mint,” one of those new-fangled edibles. I’ve heard about them but never tried them. Partially because I’m a wine gal and also because the state I live in will probably be one of the last ones to legalize. It’s not available in my hood. Supposedly it’s on the ballot in November but we’ll see if that happens.

Anyhow, my husband purchased the mints at a dispensary down the street from our hotel and was mentioning how good they tasted. That aroused my curiosity and since I didn’t have any work on the docket, I thought it was time to get my Grace Slick on and see what this little pill could do.

I took only one because my husband thought I’d be a “lightweight” and would get decent results with that. That was fine with me. The control freak in me doesn’t like to get completely blotto-ed anyways. I popped that little mint in my mouth and savored the fruity-sweet flavor. Yum. Now I needed to wait for the high to kick in!

Not much was happening and I wondered out loud if I needed to take another. “Be patient.” my husband advised. “It takes time for it to work.”

Sure enough, over sushi and tea, I felt a warm sensation spreading over the top of my skull. I was high!

In fact, I was mellow yellow without a care in the world. 

We ambled around the city, with no real agenda. The cool San Francisco breeze flowed through my hair and there was nothing urgent to do or see. Everything was groovy AF. No wonder Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson like this shit.

About an hour or so later, we headed back to the hotel to freshen up. I used this opportunity to head to the restroom with my cellphone to check my email. Yeah, I know…it’s gross but I also know that you probably do this too. And yes – I wash my damn hands afterward and regularly disinfect my phone, blah blah blah. 

As I sat down to check on my business, an email came in. I opened it up only to see it was from a hater who wanted to let me know how much they didn’t like me. They seemed intent on “taking me down a peg or two” so that I would realize how much I sucked. Wow. I’m a sensitive gal so this sorta commentary normally hurts me to the core.

But instead of feeling bad, which is what she wanted me to do, I said “huh…” and simply erased her vitriol. I didn’t care. The weed mint had taken away all my angst and reduced her nastiness to what it was: something that didn’t matter. Those bitter words were not my business nor my problem. It wasn’t my job to get her to like me. It was her task to sit with her shit feelings – and that was that. I let it all go with a click and a flush. (I promise you that I washed my hands and disinfected my phone afterward.)

The rest of the day, I didn’t give her words much thought. I was too blissed out to let that crap infect my good mood. But I did find myself wondering why I couldn’t keep that Zen feeling all the time. Why not let stuff like that go? Do I really need marijuana mints or can I practice my Zen Buddhism without that medicinal help? Hmmm…

This experience taught me that I still have work to do. Because not everyone will like me. Not everyone wants me to succeed. There will always be those who want to bring me down for whatever reason. I can let all that go and choose to be cool, no matter what. No pot necessary, just mindfulness.

But those haters? I might want to keep some of those weed mints on hand for them. They need it more than I do.

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What I’m Grateful For:

Being home

Cats on laps

Hot tea on a hot day

The sweet emails I get on a daily basis

New Moons 

Honesty with kindness


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