The Hit List - The blank page

The blank page is the writer’s enemy. That may sound dramatic, but it’s true. I think people assume a writer comes to their desk, ready to roll at the click of a mouse.

But the truth is, we often come to the computer (or paper for the old skool writers) without any ideas. We stare at the page – and the page glares right back. It’s a stand-off. Sometimes that blank page wins.

Other times, it’s a dance. We type out a few words, get up and walk around, sit back down, and begin again. But then something on the internet catches our eyes and off we go on a mad trip down a rabbit hole until sooner or later we realize we’ve wasted precious writing time.

Distractions come in other forms, too – the mailman with a stack of boxes, the ding that signals a text from one of the kids, or the crying cat. For some reason, the cat bothers me the most. I get mad, can’t concentrate, and feel like throwing in the towel for a massive glass of wine.

Those diversions must be dealt with swiftly or the game is lost.

So we try all sorts of practices to keep those to a minimum: apps to block websites, turning off the phone, a do-not-disturb sign on the door, or shutting it and locking it. In worse-case scenarios, there may be a temper tantrum in there somewhere as a way to demand space and quiet. No one likes to be around a foul-mouthed writer, I can assure you. We’re hell to live with when we need our time to write.

To the outside world, the blank page is pristine and ready to accept whatever we can conjure up. But to those of us who write, we know it’s a fight to the finish….but first, we must conquer the hardest part of all: getting started.

Spooky AF.

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What I’m Grateful For:

Flickering candles

Fresh incense

Warm parkas

Rain instead of snow

Knowing where my loved ones are


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Point And Kill by Lil Simz feat. Obongjaya


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