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Last week, a loved one decided to come clean. They had been harboring a dark secret for some time but things blew up as they often do in families. The truth came out and now there was nothing to do except admit it.

A few months back, I had tried to pry the truth out. A recent religious conversion raised my suspicions. I was met with denial. No surprise. My family is full of shadowy mysteries. I grew up trying to figure out what was being hidden in plain view. Some of those secrets were taken to the grave (dad’s words). Others, found out through diligent detective work. (My Moon in Scorpio demands answers.)

And now this latest thing…it’s all out in the open, dug up and spit out in a way that was traumatic but at the same time cathartic. Because when the truth comes out, no matter how horrific it may be, healing can begin. It cannot happen in dark spaces and whispers and innuendo. The bandaid needs to be ripped off.

So now we start anew. We can fix this and move on. With the truth laid bare, the family can be supportive. That’s how love works.

Coming clean may be painful and full of shame and fear but sometimes it’s the only way to get to that place of forgiveness, compassion, and healing.

If there is something in your life that is causing you to feel remorse, bring it out into the light of day. Surround yourself with people who love you. Seek help. Do that and that dark secret will lose it’s power over you.

Caught these two sworn enemies sleeping in the same bed. This is RARE. But a cold night makes cats do things they wouldn’t normally do. Ha!

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What I’m Grateful For:


Lunch with the girls


Baking weather

Pasta on a cold day


Holidays are behind me


Soundtrack for 1/6/18:

Bruno Mars – Finesse (Remix) [Feat. Cardi B]


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