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Maybe it’s because I grew up with a Virgo father. Or perhaps it’s the three planets in Virgo sitting in my natal chart (we always blame the planets around here). It could just be how I’m wired, but no matter the cause, I seem to be living in perpetual crunch time.

There is always something to do or something going on. Rare are those moments of utter nothingness. Part of me craves that, but the other Virgo-y side deplores the idea.

On a subconscious level, I fill my days with activities. Most of the time, it’s work. I spend an awful lot of time writing. When I’m not engaged in writerly tasks, I’m reading. I read a ton of books about…writing. I also love to pore over cookbooks because I’m determined to never be a boring cook. I must make at least one new recipe every week. Why do I clog up every minute of my day with a task? There must be something within me that doesn’t want (or know) how to relax. (Dad? Virgo problems? Avoidance techniques?) Sigh.

Now that I have another book on the way, I am crunching time like never before. I have a massive list of to-dos centered around the book launch, plus regular duties and, of course, life. Throw in a personal challenge that has been testing my resolve since May, and I could probably say I need a break.

But will that happen? Nope. The wheel is moving at full speed, and I have a mini tour ahead. I must make arrangements for the cat, who needs insulin. My daily schedule has to be adjusted to ensure it all gets done, somehow, in some way. Trust me: you don’t want to be in my shoes right now.

While this may sound like a dire conundrum, I see the light beaming at the end of the tunnel. November and December will be “medicine months,” dedicated to rest, writing, holidays, and my grandbaby’s first birthday. There will be excellent food, and I’ll have nowhere pressing to go.

I’m fantasizing about that time. Yet inwardly, I know this is most likely a fantasy. New projects are tugging at my sleeve, and the house needs to be decluttered again. I’ll let that pretty picture linger in my brain while I am in white-knuckle mode for the next five weeks.

But first…it’s go time. (Time is going.)



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What I’m Grateful For:

Freshly painted trim

Slow cooker chili

Magical boxes

Beautifully scented anything

Jazz lilting in the background


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Black Friday by Tom Odell

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