The Hit List - Fear is a spell
I was sitting around a table, talking about the state of the world with a group of friends. Lately, this seems to happen a lot more than usual. Everyone wants to discuss what’s going on. More and more the topic revolves around how scared they are.

Fearful of the future, the state of the country, the world, the economy…all of it. 

That fear is palpable. It’s so thick and obvious that you can spot it ten miles away: the tight shoulders and jaws, mouths drawn in a thin line, anxious eyes nervously darting around the room. I see this every day in my office, on my morning walks, when I turn on the tube.

A quiet panic has set in. We’re all on edge.

Fear is a spell.

It’s dark magic of the worst sort.

It keeps us in a drugged state, afraid of what may happen. Instead of living our lives fully and joyfully, we become smaller, suspicious, angry, reactionary, and ready to point fingers at “the other.” We even take actions that are against our best interests because fear doesn’t allow us to see what’s right. Fear distracts and confuses.

It’s a damn spell.

Fear keeps you in line. It is mind control. Those who are in power use it because they know it’s effective. Those who are weak use it too because they know it’s effective – and it makes them feel stronger. 

We must bust the fear bubble.

Break the spell. 

Fear must not, cannot win. 

Do not give into fear-based thinking. Look fear mongers in the eye and bravely say “enough.” Stand together. Support each other. Know that we all want the same things: shelter, food, access to education and healthcare, dignity, and love.

Every one of us can have that. We deserve it.

Instead of being full of fear, BE FULL OF LOVE. Be love. Let your love shine brighter than a million halogen lights all turned on at once. Allow it to permeate every cell in your body. Pour that energy out to others. BE LOVE through your thoughts, actions, deeds.

Fear can’t succeed in a climate of love and compassion. 

Break the spell and we all win.

The Hit List - Fear is a spell

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What I’m Grateful For:

Almost done with two manuscripts

Sashimi delivered to my door

Finished Orange is the New Black 

New books to read

New tarot decks to explore

Quiet evenings sitting on the couch with my husband and cats


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Everyday Swan by Royal Trux



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