the hit list fitness tips for people who hate to sweat

If there is one thing I hate more than anything, it’s sweating.  Well, I also don’t like getting my photo taken.  (Imagining a sweaty photo session = my idea of hell.)

Yeah, I know…you gotta “break a sweat” and perspiring is the body’s way of cooling off and blah blah blah…

But I simply don’t like that feeling.

The damp stickiness.  Eyeliner running.  Pit stains.  Trickles running down my back.  YUCK.

Even “moisture-wicking” clothes don’t cut it for this wanna-be-cool-at-all-times lady.

That old statement about ladies glowing and not sweating?  Yeah, I wanna be that.

But there’s one problem with my no-perspiring conspiring: staying fit and trim…especially considering how I like to eat (ex: just polished off some malted milk balls).

So how on earth does a gourmand stay fit when she sits for a living and doesn’t want to get all hot ‘n bothered?  I sneak it in with wee habits.

Here are my favorite fast, friendly, stay fitness tips + rituals de lo habituals for people who hate to sweat:

Walking – I love to walk.  It’s low impact and enjoyable.  I take three mini-walks (about 20 minutes each) a day. This gives me about 10,000 steps.  (Yes, I wear a FitBit to keep track.)

Make everything inconvenient – Park in the spot furthest from the store.  Take stairs whenever possible.  This will force you to get in something.  One of my favorite tricks: we have a lot of stairs in our house so I purposely keep my tea upstairs.  Every time I grab a mug of tea between appointments, I’ve killed another set of stairs!  (I actually had a client get mad and insist I move my tea maker to the office floor because she was worried that this would cut into her time with me!)

Hatha yoga – I have been a yoga devotee for about 16 years.  I keeps me flexible and helps me to get my Zen right every day.  Even on busy days, I can sneak in some stretches here and there.  It’s not uncommon to see me stretching my hamstrings on the television stand!

Cleaning house – I know a lot of entrepreneurs who have housekeepers.  While the thought of getting out of scrubbing the floors is appealing, I have opted out of that whole notion because cleaning my home is great exercise.  Lame but true.  You can burn a lot of calories this way – so clean up your own damn  house!

Kettlebells – this is my newest fascination.  I love working with light weights but I started doing this new habit: every time I head upstairs, I stop and do ten kettlebell swings.  I doesn’t take long before I have at least 50 in!  Hello biceps!

So that’s it.  Look, I’ll never be Rhonda Rousey (damn girl!) at this level but at least I’m doing something for my body…with not a drop of sweat in sight.


Other stuff:

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What I’m Grateful For:

Being fairly fit

Strong joints

Hamsa pendants

My daughter’s Instagram photos of her European food-ventures



A car that runs beautifully

On my way to being debt-free


Soundtrack for 8/22/15: Till I Die by Machine Gun Kelly – I’m crushing on this guy.  When on earth will I ever stop being boy crazy???

Stay cool, cats!


© Theresa Reed | The Tarot Lady 2015

images from stock photography and personal collection

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