The Hit List - Fixing a flat attitude with gratitude

The day after I returned from my Tarot for Troubled Times book tour with Shaheen Miro, I jumped in my car to run errands. As soon as I got in, I was overwhelmed with the stench of gasoline. Alarmed, I exited the vehicle and checked underneath for a leak. I’ve watched too many movies with cars blowing up and didn’t want that to be my fate.

Alas, not a wet spot underneath so I assumed I must have gotten some gas inside the car when we stopped to fill up.

But three days later, the smell was still there – and I got worried. I needed to get my struts repaired anyway so I took it in to the mechanic.

The next day the car was done (my mechanic is fab by the way). I inquired about the stink and they told me that there was no gas smell or leak. They had to check that thoroughly before working on the struts because they were using a torch.

As I entered the vehicle, the foul odor was still present. I knew these guys weren’t pulling my chain so off I went to the car wash. When I handed my keys to the dudes that work there, I opened the door to put one of the seats up that the mechanic had put down for some reason. And there it was: an exploded can of “fix a flat,” and chemically-scented goop all over the trunk and a blob on the back seat. Mystery solved!

This meant I needed to get my ride detailed in order to clear that nasty stank out of there. 

But on a deeper level, it meant something else. 

That can of “fix a flat” was something that I carried around back in the day when I was brutally poor. At that time, I drove an old hoopty – a Dodge station wagon with many miles that required a screw driver in the carburetor to start it. In winter, the doors always froze shut, which meant I had to enter through the trunk. A flat tire back then would have meant that I was screwed because there were no cell phones and a tow would be prohibitive. Plus, I didn’t know how to change a tire. 

If you’ve never been poor, you can’t fathom how scary a situation like that can be. One break down, one flat tire, and you might not be eating. That was my world back then.

My life no longer looks like that. I have a sound business. A stable marriage. A good car. Heck, I have an AAA membership which means I get a free tow and roadside assistance. I don’t need a can of “fix a flat” in my car. But yet those old habits and mindsets from days of grueling poverty die hard. Hence, that can rode with me since I bought this car until it finally erupted in a gooey stanky mess. 

This incident showed me that although I’ve worked hard on “money mindset” and all that jazz, I still have work to do to erase the fear of being broke. Perhaps it may never truly be gone. For folks like me who had to bust our asses working seven days a week while subsisting on beans and rice, those scars remain, even if circumstances have changed. But I’m trying. 

That always starts with gratitude.

As I stepped into a freshly portered car, I stopped to give silent thanks. Thanks to the kind men at the car wash who diligently removed the crud and got my car squeaky clean. Thank you to the wise and honest mechanic who took good care of the car (it rides like a dream). Gratitude to my husband, who offers so much support – and also remembers what it’s like to struggle. Thank you to my career, which I worked my ass off to create. Thank you to tarot for making my life possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This cat has always lived large! But does he show any gratitude? Naw…just cattitude!

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What I’m Grateful For:

My car

My mechanic


My car wash guys


Soundtrack for 8/17/19:

Car Wash Song by Rose Royce




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